In. The. Tank.

Andrea Mitchell is not, of course, a tool for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. That doesn’t prevent her from properly pointing out that Barack Obama’s world tour is the Potemkin Publicity Stunt To End All Potemkin Publicity Stunts. The thing that interests me is whether at some point in time, other journalists will remember what it is like to be prideful of their profession and skeptical of the latest messianic political campaign to come down the pike. It is obvious that the Obama campaign is manipulating the media–indeed, the campaign is being utterly open and notorious about doing so. It will perhaps stop doing so and start treating the media–and through the media, the voting public–with more respect and decency once the media calls the Obama campaign on its shenanigans. I await the moment when people join Andrea Mitchell in doing just that.

Then again, it is entirely possible that The Onion is, once again, entirely relevant here.