From The "If John McCain Said Something Like This, The Senility Jokes Wouldn't Stop" Files (Part II)

Do I really care whether or not Sam Nunn referred to the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia by the outdated name of Czechoslovakia?

No. No, I do not. It was likely an honest mistake, the kind we make all the time no matter how smart we are.

But of course, the fact that John McCain used the name “Czechoslovakia” out of habit caused a brand new spate of “John McCain is senile/losing it/not smart enough to be President” stories. I await with eagerness similar stories to come out about Sam Nunn and his fitness for serving as Vice President or Secretary of State/Defense in an Obama Administration. Not to mention stories wondering why Barack Obama relies on an adviser who believes that “Czechoslovakia” is still extant as a geopolitical entity.

I mean, turnabout is still fair play, is it not?