Tony Snow, RIP

I would call it a tragedy that Tony Snow was not able to spend enough time doing a job he loved–the job of White House Press Secretary–because his family obligations necessitated him leaving his post and going into the private sector so that he could better support his family. I would call it a tragedy that he had to spend so much of his life battling cancer, and that eventually, he succumbed to it. I would call it a tragedy that Tony Snow was taken from us so early.

And I would probably be right. But the zest and verve with which Tony Snow lived his life was infectious, inspiring and deeply touching to all who had even a moment to glimpse the joie de vivre he brought to everything that he did. Fate did deal him a somewhat unfair hand in that his life was consumed for so long by illness and that it was cut so short. But even in the limited time that he was with us, Tony Snow taught us how to live and how to live well. Those who will live until a ripe old age will do so better and more joyfully thanks to his example. Despite any tragedies, the good things in his life–happily–outweighed the tough times he went through.

Rest in peace, Tony. You ran the race splendidly.