How I went from Rush-hater to Rush-lover

I am a baby-boomer, with all the positive and negative that that implies. Until the early 90s I was an unmarried, card-carrying feminist, sometimes suffering the indignities of on-the-job sexual harassment, sometimes bitter (no guns, though – euuugh), always voting Democrat, dreaming socialist dreams.

Some realities did penetrate the lefty dogma in my brain — the Iranian Hostage crisis, the 1991 Gulf War (I was extremely taken by our air activities), the utter sense that people like George Will made compared to their opponents, the utter depravity of the Democratic party in general — but not enough to affect my vote. This is important: many Democrats know just who and what they are voting for and do it anyway. I voted twice for Clinton and I voted for worse in CA and NY. And – I badmouthed Rush Limbaugh regularly as only a lefty who never listens to him can. That Feminazi thing — oooh, it rankled!! Sexist, rightwing extremist – boo, hiss!

During the Clinton years, I met my husband-to-be online – a Harley-riding, golf-playing, Rush-listening! Vietnam vet New Yorker. I moved east, giving up my beloved SoCal, salad-eating, latte-sipping, totally self-absorbed lifestyle, and we got along perfectly except for politics, which became verboten in our house to keep the peace. Somehow for 3 years I managed to ignore reality (the 90s really were a bubble out of time).

1998 hit me like a sledgehammer. That was the year of my epiphany, my paradigm-shift, all the cliches. First, that slimeball wagged his finger in my face. Then all the feminists covered for him. I was at this point commuting 182 miles a day to and from work with nothing to do but listen to Imus and Sean Hannity, and Imus ripped Clinton continuously and it started to sink in. Clinton became the world’s biggest joke. Hillary looked like an idiot. Sean was a revelation – I listened to him every afternoon and he started opening my eyes.

But, on Saturday mornings (I worked Tues. – Sat. – such is life in IT), there was nothing at all on the radio…except on WABC, they played the best show of Rush’s from that week. I started listening.

Clinton started it, Imus and Sean encouraged it, but Rush did it. Via entertainment and incisive commentary, audio clips and devastating critiques, he laid out for me the entire house of cards that was my political dogma and my identity. It was a very humbling experience. I will never be able to thank him enough for the pain and enlightenment I experienced that year.

Anyone who has ever undergone a political and ideological transformation knows what I am talking about. It is excruciating, frightening, and liberating. I had cognitive dissonance for decades and didn’t realize or admit it until I was finally able to understand my ideology was conservative and my political home was the Republican Party. I owe this all to Rush Limbaugh. My story is not unique; I have read it here and I have heard it related by many who call Rush.

There are uncomfortable facets to this, still. I am extremely impatient with my fellow women and what too often are their silly and unthinking politics, their male-bashing (which I admit I participated fully in when I was a feminist), their victim mindset, their gimme gimme attitudes, their heinous pro-abortion dogma. I am too often irate at squishy leaders in my party who cannot see the light I see. 😉 I tend to be as dogmatic about conservatism as I was about liberalism but I make no apologies. Most things in life are all or nothing for me; politics has always been one of them. Now, freedom, liberty, capitalism, Western Civilization — American Exceptionalism — are what matter to me. I am not particularly religious, but:

Thank the Lord Rush Limbaugh’s on the EIB.