Lunsford versus McConnell

I admit, this is my first post here and I’m quite nervous. I’ve lurked around here ever since Palin was nominated as McCain’s VP, and I guess you could say I finally worked up the nerve to actually sign up.

I am proud to say that I am a Republican Kentuckian who has kept a close watch on the races and polls–but especially for our Senator race. So far, I’ve heard that Bruce Lunsford and Mitch McConnell are in a statistical dead-heat, the votes pretty evenly split. However, though this is quite possibly the greatest challenge McConnell has faced in a long while in his political career… does this necessarily mean that McConnell is in real trouble?

I’m honestly not so sure.I will first disclose that I have no polls to back any of this up, nothing much other than my own observations and my gut instinct. You see, for the past month or two, the political ads have been heavily Lunsford-created or at least Anti-McConnell. Roughly about a 3 to 1 discrepancy, if not worse. While this honestly doesn’t surprise me, due to the media bias and Lunsford’s wealth, there is a new Lunsford ad that has made me proverbially raise an eyebrow.

I will secondly disclose that I am an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannedy (please forgive me if I misspelled their names). Something Rush said today struck me as odd. Apparently, Obama is starting to pull the old “Scare the Elderly” trick by claiming that McCain would cut Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid–the same playbook tactics that Democrats always claim, along with class warfare and ‘punishing big companies’. Now, what is interesting is that Lunsford is doing the /exact same thing/.

This ties back to my original point. Rush made the point that /if/ Obama is truly as far ahead as the Mainstream Media claims, then why is his attacks on McCain getting more and more predictable and, dare I say, desperate? Would his supporters be acting like screaming banshees and roaring brutes, decrying each honest question with “That’s RACIST, you redneck!” (And yes, I’m fully aware of Murtha’s comments about his constituents up in Pennsylvania, but I’m a Kentuckian. It’s normal to be called a “Redneck” by anyone else who doesn’t live around here, normally.)

With that in mind, if Lunsford is truly doing as well as all of his attack ads and polls show, then why is he stooping to the same tactics as Obama? Contrary to popular belief, Kentuckians aren’t stupid inbred hillbillies. We actually do complete research and clearly see the matter of a man (or lack thereof) by his actions. That’s why Obama pulled his ads from Kentucky airwaves after only a week, or why McCain hasn’t played an ad here for a few months now–though I pity our cities that are on the banks of the Ohio River from far more important states (like Ohio).

A good majority of us see that Obama is a fake and cannot be trusted. We also see that Lunsford is regurgitating Democrat/Obama talking points 30 years old or more, and is sounding more and more like an Obama-cultist. A connection from Lunsford to Obama, if only in ideology and plans, just might be what McConnell needs to keep his seat. Now if only he could get that message out to all Kentuckians with the time he has left.

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