Greater Wisconsin Committee's Vile Smear

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The Greater Wisconsin Committee, recipient of over $1 million in unused campaign funds from former Gov. Jim Milhous Doyleone , spent some of that money on a vicious, false smear against sitting State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, accusing Prosser of protecting a pedophile priest in 1979 while serving as a prosecutor.

Problem is, the ad is a lie, GWC knows it, and now the victim is speaking out against GWC and in support of Justice Prosser.

Watch the ad, then go take a shower. We’ll still be here when you return.


Here’s what the GWC says about the ad:

Prosser refused to prosecute a Wisconsin priest even though he had evidence that the priest had sexually assaulted three boys.

As a local DA, Prosser didn’t interview the priest or have the police investigate. Instead, Prosser met with the local bishop and they agreed to send the priest to another parish to prevent the church embarrassment.

Prosser even told the victims’ mother that he didn’t want to prosecute the case because the priest’s brother was a "celebrity" because he appeared on the Lawrence Welk TV show.

The priest abused more victims for years, but was eventually convicted in the original case that Prosser refused to prosecute.

Now, the victim, Troy Merryfield, has spoken up, demanding that GWC remove the sleazy ad, telling what really happened and endorsing Justice Prosser for re-election (Merryfield is not a resident of Wisconsin but says he would vote for him if he were). Read the entire letter here .

Essentially, the original case came down to a decision not to pursue prosecution based on two factors: (1) the age of the victims and the potential for emotion trauma from a jury trial and (2) a promise from the Green Bay Archdiocese for administrative action against the priest who molested the boys, action that was never taken. In other words, the Green Bay Archdiocese lied. I am, in the words of Captain Renault, shocked, shocked!

Charges were later brought, and with both testimony from both victims and assistance from Prosser, the priest was convicted and sentenced to prison for his crimes. Says Merryfield:

As a victim, I find the ad by the Greater Wisconsin Committee to be offensive, inaccurate and out of context. I hope that organization will remove the ad. I hope Ms. Kloppenburg will encourage the organization to pull that ad. I hope all websites, blogs and other purveyors of political information would stop portraying this case inaccurate and out of context.

If I was a resident of the State of Wisconsin, I would vote for David Prosser in the upcoming election.

Charlie Sykes says :

The ad is already backfiring badly.

Go over to the comments thread at Sykes Writes and read the comments from Bill Christofferson, known as "Xoff," a banana slug of a political consultant who worked for Diamond Jim and other progressives in Wisconsin. He’s also one of the driving forces behind the Greater Wisconsin Committee.

As I noted in that same comments thread:

Looks like the Greater Wisconsin Committee is playing the role of Wile E. Coyote with Justice Prosser as the Road Runner. Meep! Meep!

I retract that previous remark: banana slugs may be insulted by the comparison to Xoff.

Mary from Freedom Eden has more here :

[T]hese Leftists are showing no sensitivity whatsoever for these victims of abuse. Through their actions and exploitation of Merryfield and his brother, they are serving as abusers.

Kloppenburg’s failure to condemn the ad says a lot about her character and the sleazy tactics she’s willing to employ to win an election.