Consumer Pain At The Pump, Grocery Store

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Inflation hammers away at consumers both at the gas pump and at the supermarket as well.

According to the U.S. Labor Department, food prices climbed 3.9 percent last month. It’s the biggest spike since November 1974.

For more than 50 years, Superior Bakery in Cranston, R.I., has supplied area supermarkets with bread, but the rising cost of supplies has forced owner Robert Cicerone to tighten his belt.

“The gas prices have hurt us immensely,” he said. “It hits your traffic margin, your cash flow. Everything that comes in the door has a surcharge,” said Cicerone.

Cicerone said he’s paying up to $1,500 a week more to fill up his 12 trucks was gas then he was 10 months ago.

The cost of sugar and flour has also increased, forcing this family business to implement a 6 percent price increase. Among other places, they deliver down the road to Ruggieri’s Market, a nearly 100-year-old, family-run grocery store.

The store’s president, Peter Ruggieri, said it’s hard to pass the price increases on to customers.

“The consumer thinks it’s the store at store level, that we’re just price gouging,” he said. “But in reality, once again, we’re working on a smaller percentage to try and keep the product moving, keeping it fresh. We don’t like to see the high prices.”

Remember, though, in calculating the inflation rate, the government conveniently does not factor in food or fuel cost increases. That’s how the Obama Regime can look the American people in the eye and do what it does best: lie through its teeth and tell us there’s no inflation out there. After all, who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?

Right now, we have Dear Leader, who stood up in a press conference and lied right through His teeth and said there has been more domestic oil production under the Regime than ever. Oh really? In whose alternate reality. This is the Regime that’s been taken to court over the issue of blocking drilling permits for the Gulf of Mexico, whose ban on those leases has been overturned twice by a federal court and who is still acting in defiance of the federal judge who ordered the Regime to begin issuing drilling permits.

If we were really serious about becoming energy independent, we’d be issuing those drilling permits pronto. In the Gulf. Off of either shore. Open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for business. Accept the business proposal from Canada to increase oil sales. Building more nuclear plants. Increasing natural gas production. Producing more coal … of course, the second largest source of clean-burning coal in the world is in Utah and was put off limits during the Clinton administration when it was made into a national park by President Clinton.

Drill, baby, drill.

Instead, Dear Leader goes down to Brazil and awards Brazil oil permits for the Gulf. Of course, one of the big sources of money behind Brazil’s oil industry is lefty money-man George Soros. So, we have the Brazilians and the Chinese drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but not American oil companies.

This approach to a national energy policy flies in the face of common sense  — until you remember that Obama is hellbent on pushing green energy, primarily solar and wind, as well as mass transit. Talking about so-called renewable energy sources is fine, but the technology is not here now and will not be for decades. Plus, the American economic machine cannot be powered on solar and wind.

Also, the price of corn is going through the roof, as we continue to convert our food into the Epic FAIL known as ethanol. A fuel additive that produces worse gas mileage, requiring drivers to fill up more often and burn more fuel. Of course, since politicians in both political parties in Congress as well as many state legislatures are ethanol whores, having sold out to the industry, we continue to pursue this bad policy, which also drives up food prices.

Remember, too, during the 2008 campaign when Our Lord and Savior said He would necessarily make energy prices skyrocket ?


Either Obama knows something we do not — namely the outcome of the 2012 election has been predetermined — or He has a political suicide wish. Running for re-election with gas prices soaring past $5 a gallon, other energy prices through the roof and out-of-control food prices is a recipe for disaster at the polls. Americans are not stupid. We know we have more than enough natural resources to meet our needs and drive down prices.

And no, making sure our tires are properly inflated isn’t going to save enough gas to get us through this crisis.

November 2012 cannot get here fast enough.