The Slaughter Rule

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Looks like the deceitful, dishonest, dictator wannabes in Washington have a new trick to impose ObamaCare on the United States without ever having taken an actual vote: simply declaring they had already passed it previously.

It’s being called the Slaughter Solution, after Rep. Louise Slaughter (Statist-N.Y.) who devised the parliamentary trick.

Would House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow House Democratic leaders try to cram the Senate version of Obamacare through the House without actually having a recorded vote on the bill?

Not only is the answer yes, they would, they have figured out a way to do it, according to National Journal’s Congress Daily:

“House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter is prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill, the chairwoman said Tuesday.

“Slaughter is weighing preparing a rule that would consider the Senate bill passed once the House approves a corrections bill that would make changes to the Senate version.

“Slaughter has not taken the plan to Speaker Pelosi as Democrats await CBO scores on the corrections bill. ‘Once the CBO gives us the score, we’ll spring right on it,’ she said.”

Each bill that comes before the House for a vote on final passage must be given a rule that determines things like whether the minority would be able to offer amendments to it from the floor.

In the Slaughter Solution, the rule would declare that the House “deems” the Senate version of Obamacare to have been passed by the House. House members would still have to vote on whether to accept the rule, but they would then be able to say they only voted for a rule, not for the bill itself.

Here’s the logic behind the apparent political suicide of the Democrats Statists: the political tea leaves already show they will take one of the biggest whuppings at the polls ever in November. Might as well impose one more act of nationalization — two, if you count the nationalization of student loans being bundled into this — before they go down.

The act of creating a new national entitlement that the Republicans will be too cowardly to eliminate will create another Third Rail of American politics that will become permanent. Plus, they’ll only be out of power for a short time while the voters have a temper tantrum and once they complete the coup d’etat with amnesty for illegal aliens, they’ll have at least two new constituencies that will vote them back into power for at least a generation.

That’s the rationale. Being out of power for two years is a small price to pay knowing that the changes they will force on the American people will become permanent and irreversible. Remember: the way the Senate bill is worded, most of it cannot be eliminated without a supermajority vote and the death panels cannot be eliminated ever. They are permanent.

Armstrong Williams labels the Democrats’ Statists’ scheme corrupt:

The latest move by the transparent, above-politics Democrats to slaughter the democratic process in the hopes that Americans are just dumb enough to fall for yet another ruse. The House passes — or rejects — a rule before it considers any given piece of legislation; this rule lays out the parameters for debating that particular bill. Sometimes these rules are strict, sometimes they’re lax; it all depends on how much debate time or how many amendments they want to allow on a given piece of legislation. And then sometimes the rules are just plum dirty. Like this Slaughter Solution.

And one of the bloggers at Red State predicts an extreme backlash if they try this trick, and we won’t have to wait until November:

1. The Supreme Court will strike it down within days.
I don’t remember which of the 3 authors I cited said this (or maybe I heard it on the radio), so I don’t know who to cite. But every American has standing here, due to the exceedingly far reach of the Health Care Takeover bill. Somebody will sue. I predict GOP members of Congress will, and it will go straight to the Supreme Court. They will strike down the whole caboodle, and they will do it almost immediately. Probably 6-3, with Breyer and Kennedy voting with the originalists. Their ruling is very likely to include language extremely damning of the behavior of Democrats.

2. Numerous states will declare statutorily under the 10th Amendment that this law will be unenforceable within their borders.
I’m guessing 20 states. The move has been afoot for awhile anyway, and this blatant flouting of the Constitution will trigger the America-loving, freedom-loving instincts into bold (if rash) action. And while they’re at it, they’re going to say the same thing about everything emanating from the EPA.

3. There will be public anti-government outrage so great that it will boil into violence.
I do not condone this; it will be ugly and more than a little scary. Lest I give anybody fresh ideas, I will not expound upon it other than to say it will be directed, not generalized — directed at objects, property, and symbols of government, not at people. Although those who voted for this Slaughter Rule would be wise to perhaps hang around in Washington for awhile.

4. (Even more) new candidates opposing incumbent Democrats will come out of the woodwork.
Many already have, but many have considered, then declined. Many of those will change their minds, even in blue states. And new ones will pop up like dandelions. And a whole bunch of them will win. The leftist partisan national media currently think Republicans might, juuuuuuuust MIGHT, get 40 seats and the House back. Idiots. It was already going to be 80 and 8. But after this stunt, it might be 120 and 14. This is what happens when the entire center turns on a party.

5. State AGs will bring charges against sitting Congressmen for whatever they can plausibly pin on them.
Sedition is the actual crime (IMHO), and that’s a federal charge. But no USA will touch this, since they work for the president. Because members of Congress cannot be recalled, citizens will be thirsting for vengeance. Very loudly. State AG’s will be chomping at the bits to exact SOME form of payback, encouraged (or pushed) by their citizenry. Things like corruption, conspiracy, bribery, racketeering, tax fraud, and so on, will be easy indictments. As the last few months have shown, congressional Democrats have been so thoroughly corrupt for so long, nobody will even have to trump up anything.

6. Republicans will shut down business in Congress until January 5.
Then it will REALLY get fun.

Democrats will lose the country days after they pull the Slaughter Rule. They’ll have their illegal law both flouted and overruled, their members will be subject to investigations and indictments, and not a single item of interest will be signed into law, nor will any appointment be approved, before January 5, when a hundred or more of them leave Washington for good.

For the record, I have no problem with No. 3, even if that does make me an extremist. Remember: the patriots who fought the Revolutionary War against the exact same type of tyranny were extremists. And as Thomas Jefferson said:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Clearly, the folks in Washington are tyrants and are indistinguishable from the likes of King George III and Parliament in the 18th century or virtually any other dictator from any other period in history. The likes of Bela Pelosi, Dingy Harry and Barack Hussein Obama believe they are our rulers, not elected to serve the people or at most govern.

As of now, Bela Pelosi has told the House Democrats Statists that the Slaughter Rule is a go, as soon as next week.

The United States is now being ruled by King Rameses II:

So let it be written. So let it be done. Welcome to the new dictatorship of the proletariat.

Photoshop by Slublog.