A Weak Man Of Steele

This is why Michael Steele is a tool and needs to be replaced as chairman of the Republican National Committee by someone — anyone — with a set of cojones.

The neutered RNC chairman told Sean Hannity he doesn’t think the Republicans can win back control of the House of Representatives in November.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said Monday night that he doesn’t think Republicans will win control of the House in 2010 .

Asked by Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel whether he believes the GOP is going to take over the House, the chairman of the Republican National Committee responded, “Not this year.”

Pressed on his prediction, Steele later said, “I don’t know yet.”

Steele said, “We’re going to see, I think, nice pickups in the House,” but added it is difficult to provide a number because it is still early in the 2010 cycle.

That would be comparable to Mike McCarthy saying he didn’t think the Packers could win the Super Bowl despite qualifying for the playoffs. We might win a game or two but …

Embarrassing. This isn’t the first time Steele has flapped his gums without having his brain in gear. Steele piled on Rush Limbaugh , calling the talk show host’s words “incendiary” and “ugly” to al-CNN before backing off. Then, on a later appearance on the Commie News Network, Steele refused to rebut allegations by host D. L. Hughley that the Republican National Convention looked like Nazi Germany and that blacks weren’t welcome in the GOP.

Another member of the Go Along Get Along Gang. Willing to say or agree with anything the popular, cool kids say just to be accepted.

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