My Budget Plan

We formulate a fiscally conservative plan consistent with basic Conservative Tenets. For example: Subsidiarity –

1) Federal Budget – review what federally subsidized projects can be turned over to the states. Currently states such as CALIFORNIA receive 299 billion from the Federal Government. Now this is money that comes from taxpayers in California and is then returned to the state with a 25% loss. States should be able to handle local issues such as education, Transportation, Housing etc. Mandate a date when these projects will be handed over to the state and money is no longer exchanged at a huge loss. Conceivably this can account for nearly a trillion dollars a year.

2) Future spending moratorium – pending balanced Federal Budget. – no future projects can be funded based on money that does not exist or has no visible means of support. This also entails mandating that shuffling of funds not be permitted to provide funding for projects which are not on the books and permit continued slush funding.

3) Balanced budget amendment – Further federal acquisition of funding from states ceases until a balanced budget can be submitted to Congress for approval with a standard quorum. Special provisions for voting with this 2/3 rd straight majority are not permitted.

4) Freeze on wage increases for all elected representatives pending the submission and approval of a balanced federal budget at which time, raises which are scheduled into the budget will begin. In this case federal lawmakers will have earned this raise. It may not exceed 5% of existing salaries and no allowances for inflation.

5) A reduction in corporate taxes and an evolution over 5 years into a simple flat tax. This tax rate shall be lower than existing taxes sufficient to take into account payment of salaries for new hires which is only applicable to domestic corporations and mandates manufacturing facilities within the continental borders of the United States.

6) A domestic job growth clause mandates a review of existing taxes and regulations which are punitive for corporations willing to relocate facilities domestically. Prior to this a review board consisting of non- corporate officers for a fact finding to determine necessary conditions to stimulate corporate redeployment in the states to achieve a goal of less than 5% unemployed nationally by 2020.

7) Form a new federal office – the office of Applied science, technology and manufacturing science It shall be a central repository to attain national and statewide convergence on requirements to reeducate, retool and regain our preeminence in all areas of engineering and science. Its primary function is to maintain focus and communicate progress on national goals for education and what is needed to regain global competitiveness. This office will set goals but not dictate how these are to be achieved which will be left to each local community. Measurement will be based on review of patents, growth in specific industries and level of attraction for expertise as well as salary and percent US graduates employed.

8) the implementation of a flat tax and prevent inclusion into new legislation for special interests or otherwise subvert the tax structure for special interests. This will assist in reducing pressures exerted on legislators to appropriate funding and make such more transparent. It would eliminate the loop holes which currently stop monies from reaching the government to assist with the deficit. Similarly it would equalize taxation for companies,

9) All financial institutions will be subject to anti trust and conflict of interest requirements precluding access to funding or manipulation of interest rates- federal reserve rates and or any treasury related functions of the government and these offices shall be subjected to over sight committees each and every year. Setting up a regulatory agency similar to the SEC for stocks. to monitor manipulation and fraud, misrepresentation. This oversight committee will be composed of elected officials which will be selected each new year for a term of no more than one year.

These are some of the ideas that I am putting forth as a first cut to tackle fiscal issues facing this nation while working on rebuilding our country economically.

As well I would add Historians to each and every committee to evalute whether similar situations occurred in the past for any country and what approaches were taken to resolve them and how successful they were.

For example had Obama either known his history he would have realized that the historical review for the model calling for increased federal spending during the 1930’s actually deepened the correction and lengthened the recovery. Mostly due to imposition of tariffs and tort reform mandating an Buy American policy whereas enabling free market forces to allow an evaluation and  slow correction of domestic wages with all other wages and benefits systems would have prevented much of the exodus of labor overseas.

Maintaining free markets globally would have enabled global competition to equalize our manufacturing costs with other nations and therefore we would remain competitive in the manufacturing sector.

A revision of the profits that share holders are entitled to and a better model of corporate growth based on a moving average over a 10 year period would have prevented many of the explosive growths with bursting companies due to high earners expectations from stockholders.

Profit is necessary but so it some stability to maintain employment in this country as our freedom is defined by the distribution of personal wealth.  We are a much poorer country and our freedoms are eroding due to our lack of available capital to impact the market hence we become more dependent on the government.

Finally, at least a 20 % reinvestment in R&D by the federal government with R&D ventures evaluated relative to real and material improvements of growth in the applied sectors and not necessarily within the theorectical sciences sector.

Your feedback would be appreciated. I hope that an agenda similar to these points can become part of a unified Conservative party. We consolidate and subject our actions to a committee composed of the most trusted conservatives with the highest credibility to review for consistency with Conservative Principles and Tenets
It has long been my position that we , as Conservatives, in our zeal and or haste, may not review our positions or statements for compliance with our own tenets and principles.
One we establish this committee we can then work on generating a 10 year plan based on similar to those points I have raised above.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.