Conservatives UNITE!

The fact that more jobs are needed domestically is known to our representatives. They choose to disregard the information. We simply cannot compete with the profits companies make when they choose to employ overseas labor.
An adjustment must be made to the expected wage and to the profitability of the company. Shareholders are not willing to forgo any increase in their investment to create more jobs domestically.
There is no patriotism among corporations. They are simply interested in making as much money as they can. The working conditions that Americans require are unacceptable to most companies as they must invest in accommodating all the legislation such as ADA (1991) and OSHA and environmental regulations.
What we must do is by pass our “representatives” and consolidate ourselves into a working force of individuals who demand change and will back this up with their vote. We have sufficient authority , if we unite, to not only get their attention but to make whatever changes are necessary for companies to move overseas.
A Coalition of Conservatives for America – should be formed. Faxes and letters will do nothing. But unify and change will occur.
Similarly, the GOP squanders valuable time while in office with perfunctory motions to appear actively working on reducing the deficit. They must have a very low opinion of our intelligence as it is clear that nothing has changed and it is business as usual.
Consider the one seminal event that sent a strong message to politicians and has resulted in perhaps the most significant indication of our potential as a people to evoke change.
While the Tea Party sent shock waves up the skirts of the elected; the singular fatal flaw in the movement congeals into stark relief with each passing hour; putting up appearances to protect their phony baloney jobs.
We need a new party to actually represent a real threat to the entrenched machine and might of the political system which is sapping our strength and tapping into the treasury.
It is stunningly simple, once American’s realize that this show will continue. The reason? what motivation is there for GOP candidates or politicians to actually change?
They are politicians and wily and clever at looking busy while achieving nothing, blaming others and taking credit for others efforts when success is even remotely possible.
Think about this and decide. We should, as a nation, as a people, think and consider rather than react and retract into our guarded and safe delusions we consume on a daily basis.
One of the largest problems has been the lack of continuity and consistency of Conservatives to the tenets and principles we extol. This seems to happen all the time (my short comment on Conservative Battleline 3/23 – pursues this argument in more detail).

What if all the Conservatives of this nation were to put aside their differences regarding social issues and all agree to consolidate into one body and so that we react as one unit elected representatives review what is published to insure compliance with our Tenets and Principles.
We then agree on an agenda that we focus on the following three priorities:

1) Reduce the deficit
2) Restructure taxation to better represent our country’s needs and to promote job growth domestically.
3) Re establish America as the preeminent economic power on the planet
4) Add an amendment to the constitution that limits executive authority and access to the treasury and restricts any administrative actions which would exclude any emergency funding to sustain any financial institution (otherwise its is clearly a conflict of interest!)
5) Mandates Congressional hearing and approval on any and all funding.
6) Establishes a zero deficit mandate for the operation of the federal government.
7) Excludes federal subsidies of states from the federal treasury rather the monies are retained in the respective state and is never placed into the federal reserve or treasury.

After fiscal accountability is achieved then social issues can be addressed.

All of this can happen if all Conservatives were to unify under one agenda and agree to work together to bring our country back to limited government and to conservative principles and tenets.

Too simple!?? – yes it is but not too simple that it cannot be achieved it only requires we agree on this goal and begin the process of getting their.
Conservatives UNITE!