Perspective or Propaganda

This past weekend, White House advisors David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanual stated that Fox News offers “a perspective” and is not really a news agency. A “perspective” is the “interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed,” says Merriam-Webster. So, of course, Fox reporters have a perspective as do the reporters on every other network! Duh, without a perspective, how on earth can they report anything?Supposedly, the press delivers factual statements on events and statements as a service to the owners of the nation (that would be you and I). That service allows us to determine how and if our employees in government are following the Constitution and our laws. Now, the Obama White House is not only refusing to respond to questions by the reporters on Fox, it is also warning other networks not to follow in Fox’s tracks.The Soviet News Agency was controlled by the government of Communist Russia. Even as elementary school children, my classmates and I knew that the news out of Russia had been slanted and edited as prescribed by the Communist Party. Thousands of murders committed by Stalin, the horrors of the Siberian prisons, and the harsh conditions of daily life for the people in contrast with the luxury provided to Communist leadership weren’t written about in Russian newspapers.

This summer, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn referred to Mao Tse Tsung as a “political philosopher” whose ideas she considers often. Mao was a mass murderer, killing thousands and thousands of Chinese citizens. You can bet China’s press was controlled by Mao, too!

Now, in our country, the President’s top aides are trying to decide who can report on Obama’s administration and warning other networks what should be reported. How long can a free nation last in such an environment? Why does the White House need to control any reporter if what is happening is above reproach? My gut says this is an effort to be sure government propaganda is the news we get. Only totalitarian states where freedom is dying or dead need such control over the press. If they can legislate government control behind closed doors, what else are they doing?

We must stand together and call for this White House to work for us, to become the transparent administration Obama promised. Open the health care legislation hearings to the people. Invite every news agency to report. Answer our questions clearly and honestly. You work for us!!!