Enough Is Enough

Growing up in the Deep South, I was privileged to be among the teenagers who voiced support for civil rights reform even though my elders made it tough! Frankly, the lessons learned from seeing separate facilities, doors and even water fountains instilled a deep understanding of prejudice and the need to speak up or to allow silence to support the status quo. To top that off, there’s the fact that in my personal life, the nurturing I received from several black women provided needed relief from a difficult environment.Liberals, the mainstream media and entertainment industry are actively belittling our efforts to end judgment based on skin color by using cheap accusations of racism. Unfortunately, most of the race-baiters didn’t live through the days when racism was rampant, don’t seem to know how hurtful it was, or recognize how hard some fought to end it.

Calling someone a racist to win a campaign, avoid accountability for official actions or prevent a business transaction is the mark of someone so lacking in real ideas or devoid of factual analysis that namecalling is their only weapon. For many Americans, the racist accusation now provokes one response, “Enough is enough!” Race-baiters are creating a new division in America. Eric Holder says we’re lacking in courage and need to discuss these issues. I say, teach your allies how to communicate legitimate information. Producers should tell reporters that facts must be checked before accusations are printed. Teach journalism students that reporting is different than editorializing.

This is my country and my fellow-citizens come in lots of colors that I like. What I don’t like are those whose character is so pathetic that race-baiting and libel are their only tools to advance an agenda. Enough is enough!