What Matter Most Now






     President Obama said last night that the time for health care reform is now.  Earlier this year, he said the time for rescuing financial institutions was “now” and taking over the automobile industry giant General Motors was “now.”  However, the legislation which must be passed “now” won’t be implemented for several years.  First, the 2010 elections will occur before we experience the results of this crisis legislation.  Second, the federal government will spend years setting up bureaucracies to control what happens to you and your family when you are sick. 


     Well, I have questions now.  Please name one government entity that you recommend as an efficient and customer-oriented model for the dozens of agencies that will be set up to control health care?  What kind of experiences have you had at the Post Office mailing packages in November?  How about dealing with the IRS when your business had a downturn and you weren’t able to pay the tax bill on time?  For those old enough to deal with Social Security, is that your model for a federal health care agency?


     What about the existing waste and fraud in the federal government?  If President Obama can save $500 billion from existing health care waste and fraud as he announced last night, why do we need any legislation to get rid of waste right now?  Did someone do a study showing where the waste and fraud are today?  Let’s use that study and get started shrinking the deficit, or was that $500 billion just a number that sounded good? 


     What matters now is that everyone realizes there are elites (or progressives or liberals, you pick the name) who think we can’t handle life on our own.  They sincerely believe we need government bureaucrats to tell us what food to eat, what medicines are okay, which car is safe, which car to build, and how much to spend on insurance and health care.


      It’s time to understand that John Dingell, Sr., who first introduced federal health care legislation in 1943, is not a hero.  He is, instead, just another person who wants increase federal control and power.  When the President talks about how close Congress is to a health care takeover, he knows this goal has been a heartfelt dream for decades of those who disrespect the judgment of most Americans. 


     What really matters is remembering, “This is my country, land of my birth.”  It’s our country to keep and appreciate, if we stop HR 3200 and every other attempt to grab power from the people and give it to power-hungry progressives in Congress and the White House.