Please, Mr. Steele, RESIGN

This morning The Politico contributor Jeanne Cummings has an article about GOP head Michael Steele that is eye-opening and I believe a revealing portrait of precisely what a RINO is. IF there is one thing that any red-blooded conservative must portray it is fiscal responsibility. How the GOP elites respond to this, and equally important who, will also unveil to every conservative minded independent that there is no difference between the DNC and GOP in regards to understanding what Americans are looking for in leadership.

The only way America is going to regain its exceptionalism is to have a leader that is strong yet reluctant to serve. Someone who represents the average American because they are an average American. The GOP needs to get rid of Mr. Steele and begin a grassroots search for his replacement. I far more trust Human Resource Management software to pick a leader than the blue-blood elitists that now permeate the GOP. What say you? Are you conservatives ready to REALLY take over the GOP and govern this land via principles instead of ideology?