Republicans and the Idiot American

One last comment, perhaps, on Palin as I hop through African airports.

I completely understand why Palin left politics (that is what I believe she has done) because I certainly would not want my family trashed the way hers has been. That said I think some here miss the point on why Palin was supported as a candidate. Conservatives, unlike many on the Left and RINOs on the so-called right, do not support personalities, we support national foundational principles and ideas that spring from them. Palin, while a questionable politician in the eyes of many (of course in reality no more so than Mr. Obama), represented a huge part of America that identifies itself with conservative ideals.

IMHO, I believe that why the extreme left and the media loathed Palin was not about a personal agenda against her family but a fear over what she represented. IF (and that is a big question right now) someone else comes forth as a viable conservative candidate they will be attacked with the same vitriol and ferocity as Palin. This tactic of personal assassination, more than a true understanding of what conservatism is at its core and being able to defeat it based purely on ideological argumentation, is what creates the biggest conundrum for conservative politicians. Conservatives, by nature, are family people who prefer to work diligently towards the laudable goals of the Constitution instead of schmoozing the media or deflecting its fiery darts. The left cannot offer a meaningful debate over issues so they with their media compatriots enter into a frenzy of personality debasement to obfuscate their own ideological weaknesses. Yet, what is even more distasteful are RINOs, dressed in a cloak of conservatism as the Rightful opposition, who joined in the media frenzy. Now, I am truly skeptical of anything Republican!

America needs to wake up before our country and its founding principles are digitized into oblivion by a media that is shaping our individual perceptions through nothing more than innuendo and supposition. If we cannot see it happening from our own party then how can we fight it when it happens from the Left? Our citizenry has, over many decades, lost the ability to take the foundational concepts of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and solidify them into a unified national agenda. Instead we allow the media punditry to form our opinions instead of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc. I think it is safe to say that the Republicans can now be classified as part of “idiot America, one nation controlled by the media”.

If we, as a nation, cannot vociferously decry the injustices done to the Palin family by a marauding media that only cared about “a story” not the story, then certainly we will not see the larger more serious injustices in places like Dafur and Myanmar. If we do not rediscover our founding principles, that which made us the most blessed and prosperous nation this planet has ever seen, then not only will we lose our heritage but our ability to influence the world towards something better. IMHO, there should not be Left, Conservative, or Right, only Americans. Each person striving towards the ideals that our forefathers so eloquently, yet firmly, set before their progeny and its decedents for the benefit of a nation and the world is what created this beautiful nation. One can still dream!?

I will continue my search for such persons as these and congregate with them to build something that is based upon more than the prevailing air of our times or shallow conjectures of egotistical journalists. We should all join hands in our places of worship today and pray for a Mosaic leader to lead our country back to its first principles.