Obama's Slavery Economics


From CJP on http://conservativesarecommunistss.blogspot.com/: “Conservatives don’t want Socialism. Liberals don’t want a Financial Oligarchy. Conservatives are afraid of concentrating too much power in the hands of the government. Liberals are equally afraid of a vast concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few people — a Financial Oligarchy.”

I came across a blog from some nut that actually believes that conservatives are communists and terrorists! Still, his article did make me think about how Americans are being enslaved by a black president. Let me explain.

Firstly, conservatives are not afraid of anything but are nonetheless highly concerned about ANY power the government has over individual freedom. I’ve lived on a continent that has suffered from the malaise of economic dependency for over 50 years and can confidently say that the US is heading down that path, on an individual level now but eventually on a national level. African countries have survived on handouts from so-called developed nations for nearly six decades and have become so dependent on the aid that they have virtually no control over their own economies much less countries. It is so bad in Zimbabwe that one has to wonder what the people are waiting for to get rid of their dictator. Actually, it is quite simple; Zimbabweans are waiting on the West to do it for them. But, I digress here.

Social entitlements have made a vast portion of our citizenry dependent on the government for their daily bread. So much so that liberals use this dependency to their advantage to maintain power through the enslavement of the recipients. Mr. CJP above is concerned about a Financial Oligarchy. I would much prefer something I can control through economics as opposed to something I cannot, e.g. the out of control liberal government. Mr. O’s economic policies being forced on the American electorate are nothing short of enslavement of Americans and, in my mind, a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment. Amendment XIII: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to its jurisdiction.” The key words there are“involuntary servitude”.

Mr. O’s concept of economics functions under a similar “trickle-down” effect to that of Reagan’s except the money trickles down from the government AFTER it has confiscated it from hard working individuals. “Reaganomics”, which is really just Ricardian Economics, trusted in the masses to work hard toward their individual desires and achievements. In that achievement, Reagan said people could keep a reasonable amount of their wealth to spur them on to invest in their country, while the government “wisely” spent their taxes on defense and perhaps large research endeavors, not creating methods of entrenching the Republican powerbase. Mr. O’s economics has nothing to do with fairness but everything to do with a redistribution of wealth creating slavery’s chain.

The sad reality is that most people are naturally lazy (myself included sometimes) and whenever big brother government will do something for them, they are all for it. Liberals know this and capitalize on this phenomenon by concentrating their power in confiscated money with the government and redistributing it to people not only “buying” their vote but also enslaving people to be dependent on the government. The enslavement happens when people become so dependent on the government they are forced to vote for liberals so their way of life (if you could call it that) can continue. Those who pay onerous and confiscatory taxes to support the government’s dependents are also forced into submission through the concentrated power of government.

Conservatives, which by the way are not currently synonymous to Republicans, believe in letting people strive on their own, through hard work, with as little help from big brother government as possible, to achieve the maximum possible. Those who are exceptionally endowed from their Creator will naturally excel and accumulate wealth. But the caveat here is that their wealth comes from voluntary consumers that make cognitive choices based upon things like quality, price, value, and yes even morality and ethics. I don’t have to buy a PC loaded with Windows, I can buy a MAC or better yet build my own machine and put Linux on it. Sure, Gates may be an oligarch (a liberal oligarch BTW) but he is so because of the factors above not because he forced me, through legislation and usurped power, to buy his product.

The government, through usurped power with onerous taxes and restrictive policies and laws, is enslaving me to them. My labor produced wealth over 250k/yr (yea right) is being forcibly taken away to support Democrat’s power entrenching polices. They (RINOs included) are forcing me to take government health care, survive on unemployment then welfare, and soon to buy a car I don’t want to put my family in because it isn’t safe. My freedom to choose, my earnings, my way of life is being taken away from me and distributed to the lazy masses. (If you don’ think 30 million people to be a “mass” then perhaps you better go back to school!)

My questions to Liberals are; why do you have so little belief in yourselves and so much in a government that is hell bent on enslaving you? Are you now so enslaved by government’s policies that you cannot fathom voting for someone who wants only to empower you to achieve? To Mr. CJP, I offer to you that it is rather the enslaved liberal that is scared of having to make the difficult choice of freedom.