Better Follow George, he knows where the money is


O.K., here one more chance for someone to call me a conspiracy nut.

In the recent Wall Street Journal’s Future of Finance conference, which considering what the Dems are doing to the US right now seems a bit oxymoronic George Soros made the comment; “The idea that the markets are self-correcting has been proven false.” If he was referring to the most recent events as evidence, then to some extent he is correct. However, that is only because the market was never given the chance to correct because Big Brother stepped in, and later the Messiah. Companies that should have been allowed to fail, and yes the economy would have felt some pain and many folks would lose their jobs, and the market would have found a way to profit from other’s stupidity. Back to the jobs and pain issue. Are we not feeling this right now? Hasn’t the Messiah and his disciples been sounding the death bell for the economy since from before day one? Isn’t the unemployment rate rising with more doom and gloom predicted daily? So… what is different since we bailed out the idiots on Wall Street?

Now, here is where the conspiracy nut in me comes out. George Soros, who made some of his billions in 1992 by short-selling the British Pound and forcing the UK government to devalue its currency, was a keynote speaker at this finance meeting. He is also making billions again short-selling the current market and his firm was recently fined for manipulating stocks in Hungary. Isn’t this sort of like asking the fox to attend a security meeting for the chicken coop? And if this wasn’t bad enough, it seems the 77yr old is trying to take some more UK currency with him to the pearly gates (as if…)

This guy Soros is known to be a Democrat supporter and a huge liberal-socialist. Why the heck isn’t someone following the money with this guy? He has got to be funneling money to the Dems, AKORN, and other soci… opps, dems running for office. If just one connection can be made it would have to be questioned by the drive-by media, at least a cursory covering. Or, do you think the media is so attached to Obama that they dare not question the guy they helped into office?