Republican’s Budget Buffoonery

Background: Pelosi’s Comments on Republican Budget

This will be a short entry today because I have to plan where in the world I am going to live when my beloved country collapses due to complete incompetence, on both sides.

Normally I classify most of the words that come out of Pelosi as lyrics from a Loony Tune character’s song and dance routine. However, this time the bat in the house belfry has a point about the Republican budget proposal. Of course, my instantaneous thought is that she is hypocritical because her president (haven’t gotten to the point of calling Obama “my President” yet) ran an entire Presidential Race on nothing but “Hope” and “Change”. I think we now see that Obama hoped he could change the US into a socialist society and entrench democratic power for decades.

But I look deeply into the document and find her words ringing true. Pelosi’s words ringing true are scary enough, but being true about something Republican is downright frightening! The Republican budget was nothing more than a philosophical rejection of Obama’s budget. While there is a desperate need to clearly define a Republican philosophy, a budget is no place for demagoguery. Emotional pleadings are the specialty of the Dems and rejected lovers, not budgets.

Once again, I am disappointed in my once proud party and its leadership. Can someone please tell Mr. Steele to just leave and join some cable talk show where he can rant and cry to his heart’s content! Still, if he knew about this fiasco of a proposal and didn’t call the House Minority Leader to stop it, then he should skip the talk shows and work for the Kenyan Wildlife department. Their parks have some hornless black rhinos and he would fit right in!