Another Obama Secret Agenda? Shift Philanthropic Decisions to Government


Not only does Obama want to control what our children learn, how we are healed (or not if you are too old), and what we know about his plans to rewrite the future of the US, he also wants to eventually control philanthropy. The 2010 budget calls for a shifting of money from charitable donations to creating a fund for socialized health care by reducing the deductible percentage of charitable giving from its current high mark of 35% to around 28%. Not wanting to spend too much time on the health care side of this but let’s just say that government “piggy banks” have never worked and only end up being collateral for government borrowing for more government spending. Instead, pay attention to the underlying agenda here as it relates to the rewriting the social framework of the US.

Americans give more money away than any other group of people on earth. Compared to our other capitalist friends the Europeans we are philanthropic giants. However, European governments collect high taxes through various means and do often give to things like international development and emergency relief but rarely, if ever, to faith-based enterprises. Government philanthropy through income redistribution seems to be a good way to control churches and other religious endeavors. But the key word there is “government”. Government is the one making philanthropic decisions, not individuals.

Call me a conspiracy nut if you want but I do not trust Liberals with their historic agenda against anything religious. That is unless the religion is non-Judeo-Christian which is anti-American, that is ok. You can argue that Obama went to church regularly but then again so did Clinton, until he was dismissed from the Baptist Convention, and his administration was not exactly friendly towards faith-based initiatives either. Liberal history and their overarching agenda to remove God from our government and society is part of the Obama administration’s grand plans to “rewrite the face of America”. Also, Obama talks about improving education in our country but does he realize that many of our universities rely on the philanthropy of individuals to fund research, building, and lectureships? I’m sure his alma mater will not be pleased with this budget initiative.

Mr. Orszag, of OMB, says that the amount is small and makes the difference between middle-income and upper-income closer and more fair. Here we go with class warfare word again. I am not wealthy, in fact I am a missionary in Ghana, and can claim some right to “blame the wealthy” because I am poor (relatively speaking of course). However, I do not because I believe in freedom which includes becoming wealthy. The wealthy funds the college, the orphanage, and other benevolent ministries I’m involved with here so that would also be hypocritical of me. Wealthy Christians make the lives of many people in the world better through their giving. Wealthy Christians would rather give their money to God than to government. Some give money because of their deep commitment to their faith and others because they do not want the government to take their money to pay for abortions, embryonic stem cell research, or put condoms in the hands of 6th graders. Still, the wealthy make business decisions based on many parameters and one is money. Tax rates and tax policies affect financial business decisions. Just because a person is religious doesn’t mean he/she cannot think!

Obama’s policies are already making it difficult for the wealthy to hire people and create wealth through their labor. His efforts to take over banks are scaring investors out of the market. Now, his budget is going to make it difficult for those of us who have dedicated our lives to helping the less fortunate more difficult. Every economic policy Obama has enacted will affect those of us in the benevolence fields. His policies will affect the decisions businesspeople make towards philanthropic efforts. There will be less money available to help the poor. The poor will always be with us, that is truth. How we treat those less fortunate will be our measuring stick. Right now, I see Obama as wanting.