DNC Limbaugh "Apology" Web Site; where's the RNC's?


This whole DNC/Liberal Media conversation about Limbaugh saying he wanted Obama to fail is just more evidence that the Dems are nervous about the strength a “Libaughesque” leader would mean for the Republican party. They fear real leadership in that it would mean an end to their surreptitious plans to remake the US into a socialist union of states. The above article is just another vain attempt to steer the brain-dead mass media (and its zombie viewers) away from Democrat plans. They do not want the message of Limbaugh, and other similar radio talk show personalities, to resonate with the masses.

To be honest though, the RNC should be apologizing to its membership for not giving us the leadership we crave. A leader that is strong, irreverent to media, and led by a vision of greatness that is thoroughly embedded in our country’s foundational documents; freedom and unobtrusive government. The Libs and Drive-Bys would never be able to overcome such a man. RNC, listen to the droves of people tuning into the likes of Limbaugh and find a leader among you that resonates the fundamentals of the message; life, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. This is not “Limbaugh’s message” it is our message from our founders through the documents we hold dear as a nation. A message that we need to carry on for our children and future generations. It is clear through the actions of the Democrats that they are not concerned about or heritage.

RNC, we Republicans are tired of your sycophantic meandering and are calling you out for leadership. There is no way we can ever vote Democrat but it is becoming equally clear that we may no longer vote Republican either. Mr. Steele, if you are a man made of the moral fiber of generations gone by then be THE leader of the RNC that stands on the simple principles of our forefathers. If you cannot stand up to the onslaught of socialism, or worse yet buy into the philosophy, then please step down. RNC Committee, likewise for you as well. The Republicans of this great nation need, nay… crave, leadership that will be strong and courageous in this fight for the soul of our nation.