Obama is Listening? Caring?

How far down in the sand are our heads?  When much respected radio talk show hosts and Fox News commentators talk to Obama as if he entertains anything they say, it is cringing and spine chilling.  When they threaten Obama that if he does this or he does that, it will hurt his presidency or the country and the citizens, do they actually think he is listening?  He doesn’t give a crap about this country or it’s people, in fact he hates everything about America.  His game is power and revenge.  Everything this man living in the White House does, is done by design.  Those specific designs are to take this country down from the inside, while he is outside in our faces violating the constitution every single day.  Rush admits he is so tired of it because everyday Obama commits yet another atrocity.   It isn’t daily, but hourly.  If Obama is awake, he is chipping away at the wall of protection our forefathers have heretofore provided. 


The actions of Obama come from a manual he keeps by his bed and he is in a hurry to destroy this country before the truth comes out about him.  He is hurrying because he fears a majority of the American people will wake up and take to the streets to stop his destructive revolution.   


I love and respect Mark Levin, Rush, Sean, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, etc. etc., but I take issue with them that Obama is a “Marxist, Statist, Communist, Liberal, or any other label that might be attached to him.  He is something more sinister than that and in a network of like-minded mobsters.  Mark’s book Liberty and Tyranny offers a complete description and lays out the imminent threat of the “left wing arm of politicians in Washington” and he is right-on.  However, Obama is the head of a snake beneath even this level of scum.  He is so dangerous and using the Statist’s well laid groundwork to implement his evil attack on our country.   The irony of it is that he is using our tax money and patriotism to attack us and crush our lives.