Conservatives are Working

Conservatives are at work while the liberals are on their computers at home in their basements in pajamas waiting for the mailman to bring them a check. The right is standing together – as individualists. We don’t need a “leader” to rally us because in my humble opinion, we are all leaders.  What we needed and have received in mass doses is motivation by way of  socialism and collectivism being shoved in our faces.  The neo-conservatives and sudo-conservatives need to take a lesson from the liberals and stop criticizing one another public by keeping it to themselves.  If we will continue to pump up the volume and work closely within our own communities and families, we will prevail.  There are more of us than there are of them. 


It would be a great leap forward, however, to centralize fundraising to an organization we all know is conservative – such as Redstate.  There are so many calls for money out there, who knows where it is going and what it is doing?  There needs to be accountability and reporting on how much, where and when the funds are going. 


Let’s join “Individually” to win back our country.