Obama:"Stimulas has done its job"

I only thought it was Joe Biden that gave us our daily dose of laughter, but this statement by Obama is hysterical. Obama actually stated with a straight face that “the stimulus has done its job”. Obama must think all Americans are idiots and they will continue to believe all of his fancy rhetoric is factual. He may have fooled millions during the campaign, but there is no way that can continue. The public has to catch on sooner or later. Let’s evaluate some facts about the 787 billion dollar stimulus plan passed by our socialistic government that had the supposed sole purpose of creating jobs:


Congress and Obama claimed the stimulus was needed to create and save jobs. They claimed that without the stimulus the economy would have an unemployment rate higher than 8%. Since the stimulus passed, the economy has lost over 2.5 million jobs and unemployment has jumped to 9.4%.


To date, about 10% of the stimulus money has been spent. According to Congress less than 25% of that money has gone to create jobs. Most of the money that has been spent has been used by the states to make payments for entitlement programs such as Medicaid and welfare.


Most congressional personnel did not read the stimulus legislation, had they read it they would have seen that only a small portion of the bill was simulative. The thousand and some odd page document was riddled with wasteful pork and pet projects. It was rushed hastily through congress without anyone questioning its contents. In fact, much of money from the bill is not due to hit the economy until 2011 or later. This was done purposely to ensure the economy recovers before the 2012 elections. Anyone with a small amount of commonsense could have seen that this legislation was nothing more than a complete waste of money.


The Democrats are claiming that the stimulus bill has saved over 150 thousand jobs to date. First, there is no real way to measure this statistic. Second, most of the job savings are suppose to be teachers and municipal employees. However, most communities nationwide have in fact laid off specialty teachers and have been consolidating classrooms. This is another fallacy created by the Obama administration to try to paint a better picture of their spending bills.  


The Democrats and the White House are thinking about creating a second stimulus. This would be idiotic considering 90% of the money has not spent on the first stimulus. Besides, have we not spent and created enough debt for this current fiscal year? These morons are actually claiming that they “misread” or “underestimated” the severity of the current recession. These are the same alarmist politicians that used fear mongering tactics about the economy on the naïve and gullible public during the 2008 election cycle to win a solid majority in congress and the White House.


Keep in mind we have yet to see all the consequences of the stimulus package and the Obama spending spree. What do Americans have to look forward to in the near future? Let’s see: higher taxes, hyperinflation, a massive deficit, and the drastic decline in the value of the dollar. These are consequences of putting a small time community organizer in charge of running the entire United States.


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