Where is ManBearPig?

I have been combing the Central Rockies in Colorado and have yet to see the infamous ManBearPig. The rumor is since we have had a COLD spring and summer, ManBearPig may be hibernating longer this year.


Seriously, check out the below link to see clips of my favorite South Park episode that depicts Al Gore as a friend seeking alarmist in a global warming satire called ManBearPig:




While I am at it, I may as well let out a few global warming rants:


If the Democrats believe in global warming and think our seas are rising at an alarming rate, then why are they rebuilding New Orleans, a city that sits at an elevation of 10 feet below sea level?


Didn’t the global warming activist from the 70s say the world would end due to global warming by the year 2000?  


Why aren’t cap and trade limits going to be imposed on the biggest individual hypocritical global warming alarmist that use an incredible amount of energy such as Al Gore, Barack Obama, John Edwards, and just about every Hollywood liberal?


I like to explain carbon emissions as being like the second law of thermodynamics and the law of entropy. Entropy is defined as a measure of the amount of energy unable to do work in a system or it can be described as a measure of disorder or inefficiencies of a system. For example, a heating or cooling system is never perfect, thus there is entropy or wasted energy. The law of entropy states that entropy in a system and thus in the universe is always rising and it never decreases. The same can be said for carbon emissions, they are always increasing in our air. After all, carbon emissions are the byproduct created from the inefficiencies of a system such as a car or energy plant. Therefore, if carbon emissions are always rising then it begs to reason for global warming to be true, there needs to be a direct correlation between global temperatures and carbon emissions. However, recent records indicate that global temperatures have decreased the past several years which is a direct violation to the theorem that global warming activist have been preaching. Thus, if global temperatures do not increase each year then carbon emissions cannot be the reason, right?


A good number of liberals believe in population quotas to limit the number carbon emitters in our world. They even believe in abortion which can be a form of population control. What is confusing about this is that liberal economic policies need large population increases to work over the long haul to sustain Medicare, Social Security, welfare, ObamaCare, and so forth. These are Ponzi scheme operations that can only work if there are growing populations that can be taxed to support the social programs. Ideally, Democrats need responsible tax paying individuals to support their chaotic social programs. So it is further confusing that their policies reward irresponsible individuals with entitlements and provides little incentive to help these people become responsible taxpayers.  Go figure.


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