Obama's Weekly Lowlights


Honduras Coup – Obama, Chavez, and Castro condemn the coup d’état in Honduras as illegal. The current Honduras President was trying to circumvent their Democracy to be a dictator like Chavez and Castro. Obama, who said he did not want to meddle in the Iranian Elections, but why he has no problem being a hypocrite when considering the Honduras political situation is a mystery. I really do not understand Obama’s continual inconsistent behavior. The man is an enigma especially considering the world would be a much better place if Amadinejad was ousted. The world would also be better without the ousted Honduran President.


Taxes – With Cap and Trade (The Global Warming Tax) through the House, all Americans will feel the pain of higher energy prices. And with Health Care around the corner, expect the President to tax our health care benefits. Remember, Obama claimed during his campaign that no one making fewer than 250K will have any tax increases. This will be yet another flip flop by our President.


Sotomayor – The Supreme Court overruled the Sonia Sotomayor ruling on the New Haven firefighter’s case. The Supreme Court made the right decision to narrowly overrule (5-4) Sotomayor’s racially empathic opinion and her legislative biases on the bench. However, this ruling will have very little effect on Sotomayor becoming a Supreme Court Justice. It may make her confirmation a little harder, but she will be confirmed. The good news is that this ruling may change how we view affirmative action in the country. The bad news is that Sotomayor should be the first of several empathic Justices that Obama will designate to the Supreme Court that will legislate and not rule on the law of the land. Frivolous lawsuits will be plenty when this happens. After all, anyone who thinks they are victim has a right to sue others. I guess this is just another way to spread the wealth under the Obama regime. The new U.S. model to generate wealth is through suing others and not actually through hard work and actually earning wealth. What a shame!


Global Warming Tax – Most reports cite the new Cap and Trade policy will not even stop our dependence on foreign oil. The reports indicate that companies that emit excess carbon emissions may purchase oil directly from the foreign source of their choice to avoid even further higher mark ups in the United States. It is pretty bad when one of the main objectives of the policy fails (less dependence on foreign oil), but it still costs everyone more.


Staged Town Hall Meeting – Many presidents have orchestrated staged meetings as a means to brainwash Americans with their propaganda. The real news here is that the Obama Administration’s staged meetings have been so obvious that even CBS and other liberal media outlets are complaining about it and questioning the administration’s honesty and transparency.  


An Obama Third Term – I am hearing rumors about Obama amending the Constitution to do away with Presidential term limits. If this is true, Obama would be a true socialist dictator similar to Castro and Chavez. I would be surprised if Obama tried to pull this off.


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