Why Palin Resigned

Once again the conspiracy theorists are hard at work trying to find out why Palin resigned. Why is it so hard to think that Sarah is telling the truth and resigned because she cannot afford to continually pay for the legal fees to fend off bogus and frivolous ethics violations? It is estimated that she has forked out nearly a half million to keep her name clean. The Palin family only earned 166 thousand last year. Hence, she certainly does not have the means and opportunity as many governors and Washington politicians to fight the good fight. Keep in mind, Palin has not been found guilty of doing anything illegal despite dozens of claims. This however, has not stopped the left from their onslaught to attack Sarah and her family. Most of the allegations against Palin have nothing to do with politics, but are personal. In fact, many are vicious attacks against her family. The ugly politics of the left has finally succeeded in taking down Palin. This unfortunately should be the end of her political career.


Even after Palin resigned it did not stop the DNC from chastising Palin claiming she turned her back on the Alaska people only because she is incapable of handling the heat of doing her job. To a degree the DNC is correct; she is tired of the relentless heat generated from the constant attacks and lies about her family. However, they are egregiously wrong if they do not think she cannot handle the heat of dealing with the politics of governing Alaska. She has already disproved this hypothesis and her record speaks volumes to refute this claim. The DNC also calls her behavior bizarre. This too is absurd since it was the constant attacks from the left that has essentially bankrupted her family and left her unable to support them. I truly believe that Palin is doing what is best for family. I realize this is hard for many media and political pundits to understand. Consider, while Palin has an impeccable political record and she has been forced to resign by bogus lawsuits and frivolous ethics complaints, meanwhile Ensign and Sanford continue to serve after shamelessly committing adultery. While Ensign and Sanford continue to show off their super ego and arrogance by remaining in office, the morally superior Palin resigns. This only illustrates that Palin is a great leader and is doing the right thing by placing her family first while other politicians place themselves first.


After resigning from office, I think Palin has no future in politics. If she were to run for Senator or President the left will never let her live down abandoning her governorship. Some believe that this break from politics will let Palin relax and study national economic and global policies to prepare for a run at the White House. If this is true, this would be a disaster for the GOP, especially if she wins the nomination. The left has already shown they can ruin this good lady and her family, thus it begs to reason it should be easy for the left to take her down for a second time. No, Palin is once again correct because she is placing her family first. Her family will no longer be the brunt of inexplicable late night jokes and the constant focus of the brutal attacks from the left. Palin is simply showing she is class act by prioritizing her family over her ambitions of being a politician. No one will admit this, but Palin is right to do what is best for her family.


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