Obama's Energy Plan: Emulate California

President Obama’s new cap and trade energy policy is as he says is trying to emulate the California energy policy over the past 3 decades. Obama claims that Californians use 40% less energy than other Americans on average (per capita) and they have generated 1.5 million new jobs. All of this may be true, but I would like to see Republicans refute some of these claims. After all, I think it is a huge mistake for any President to try to emulate a state that is in political shambles and economic turmoil. Here are a few suggestions that Republicans can investigate to challenge the President and his current policy to emulate California’s energy policy:


1.     Californians should use a lower energy footprint than other Americans. Think about it, the climate in California is temperate, especially in the coastal regions were over 75 percent of the people reside. Every time I visited my brothers in the Bay Area whether it was in the summer or winter we never had to use heat or air conditioning. I really think that most Californians have very few heating and cooling hours per year when compared to other Americans living in different regions of the country.

2.     California’s economy during this current recession is one of the worst in the country. They are in serious trouble with high unemployment and have nearly a 25 billion dollar deficit. California also has by far the highest standard of living than any other state in the United States. So it begs to reason why Obama wants to emulate California’s energy policies. After all, isn’t it plausible that California’s economic wows are directly related to their energy policies? This is not that far fetched of a hypothesis. Consider that many side effects of the California and the new Obama energy policies are: higher energy costs for all individuals and companies. I would be willing to bet California’s energy policies is a big reason contributing to the state’s economic demise. These energy policies are costly for all individuals and businesses, thus the policies can be in fact doing more to inhibit growth than promote growth. The policies can also be partly to blame for the outrageous cost of living in California.


I would like to see Republicans challenge Obama’s stance that our nation has to emulate California’s failing economy and their energy policies and mandates. As usual, Obama only talked about the pros of implementing this energy policy. He conveniently omitted the cons such as the exorbitant energy costs for all American citizens and corporations. This will obviously have an adverse affect on the economy, especially during our current recession. Hence, energy mandate policies are the wrong policies to implement in either good or poor economic conditions.


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