Republican Can be Own Worst Enemy

With Obama pushing through a very aggressive agenda, it is just a matter of time before the American Public figures out his spending is not sustainable and realistic. Thus, Republicans only need to sit back and stay out of trouble and let the Democrats and Obama ruin their reputations by pushing their socialistic agenda. The Republicans have no one to blame but themselves now that the Democrats hold substantial edges in the legislative and executive branches. After all, the Republicans blew their chances when they held political majorities in Washington by overspending. Republicans also had their fair share of scandals that made them look bad in the public eye such as Senator Craig, and Congressman Foley.  


What is particularly disturbing is that the Republicans continue to do stupid things which continue to breathe life into the liberal cause. It certainly lets the media place their focus on Republicans and not Obama and his excessive spending. In the past two weeks, both Nevada Senator, John Ensign, and South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford have admitted to having affairs.  Yes, it is not illegal to have an affair, but Republicans are the party that pushes for ethical and moral values. Sure, there is a double standard where Republicans get less favorable press than Democrats who commit similar offenses. Recently, Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards and former President Bill Clinton had affairs and the press basically gave them a pass. It is my view that politicians that commit these offenses should resign, especially Republicans. It amazes me how politicians continue to serve the public and do not resign after committing ethical violations. Any normal person would have been embarrassed or disgraced by their actions and resigned. This does not seem to be the case with Washington politicians. Republicans preach the sanctity of marriage, but turn around and disgrace that position with hypocritical actions. The Republican Party should not tolerate anyone that disgraces their position, especially a politician that is being hypocritical like Sanford and Ensign. Mark Sanford’s actions are particularly disturbing because he had been getting plenty of press recently because he has opposed receiving stimulus money from the federal government. Now, the liberal left is painting both of these men as hypocritical “dirt bags” and unfortunately they are right. Republicans should not tolerate this behavior in their party. I always viewed the Republican Party as the best party in terms of ethical behavior. Now, I am not sure because it seems a Republican is connected to some sort of scandal every 6 months or so.


If Republicans want to be the majority party in Washington, they need to move back to their solid moral and ethical values. Thus, they must hold their politicians to these high standards with zero tolerance. I do not care if Democrats tolerate questionable behavior from their candidates. I am okay with that, because that will catch up with them and force the American public to side with conservatives.

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