Obama Weekly Lowlights

North Korea will weaponize its plutonium – This is not a surprise to anyone since they have been doing the same with uranium however, North Korea is becoming more belligerent by actually stating its intentions. I doubt any new UN sanctions will change anything. Obama is being challenged, and I doubt his “talk” foreign policy will work as North Korea threatens the world with a nuclear war.  


Obama fires inspector general Gerald Walpin for no reason. In fact, Obama sponsored a bill that claims an inspector general can only be fired after given a reason and 30 days notice. Both of which have been violated in this case. The job of an inspector general is to investigate fraud and wrongdoing within any federal department. Obviously, Walpin was poking around in something that did not make Obama very happy.


Riots in Iran – Following the recent national election, rivals of Ahmadinejad are taking to the streets protesting the results as fraudulent. This is good news for Obama and U.S. citizens. This will certainly refute the power of Ahmadinejad and he will have to shift his focus from uranium to internal battles to restore the peace. A coup d’état would be the best result for all. However, the Obama administration is not only condemning the election results, they are condemning the violence after the election. Nobody really wants violence, but it may be our best hope of stopping their arrogance and pursuit of nuclear weapons.


Obama is blocking the public access to see the visitor log into the White House. The Bush Administration gave the public full access to these records. I suppose we need to wait on the new era of transparency.


Obama is passing a new regulatory bill giving the Federal Reserve more power over the financial institutions. Obama entirely blames Wall Street for the financial meltdown. After all, it could not have been any fault of the government such as the failings of government run Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  


Obama’s main focus of the week was trying to push his health care agenda. I will need a separate blog to outline all the issues with his plan including a lack of money and how socialized medicine will lead to corruption, shoddy care, and officially bankrupt the U.S. The cost to reform health care is now estimated at 1.6 trillion dollars.


CIA head Leon Panetta attacks Dick Cheney claiming he wants America to be attacked again to prove his point. The only reason Cheney is out defending what the Bush administration did is because the Obama administration has every chance they have gotten to attack, blame, and bash the previous administration. Sure it is okay to blame Bush, but once again it is the double standard in this country that conservatives are not allowed to defend themselves.


Miranda Rights to Terrorists – Could you imagine the outrage of people around the world had the U.S. provided Miranda Rights to German war criminals after WWII that savagely murdered not only Jews, but millions of innocent civilians around the globe. Boy, have the times changed. Really, the only thing that has changed is that during WWII we rescued Europe from Hitler, today, the rest of the world does not care if terrorist attack and kill U.S. citizens. That is obvious based on their lack of support in Iraq and Afghanistan. And if that is not a big enough slap in the face, the rest of world now expects us to treat terrorists that brutalized U.S. citizens with dignity, respect, and “fair” treatment. Instead, the bad guys are Bush-era leaders. They are the ones being called the war criminals for not providing Miranda Rights to terrorists that killed U.S. innocent civilians. Meanwhile, the terrorist are expected to receive preferential treatment. If Obama were President during WWII, I am sure we all would be speaking German or Japanese today.


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