The President for the Victim

President Obama grew up as a victim to the harsh United States laws and capitalistic ways. After all, he is a minority and was poor. Thus, American society was against him and every one like him. Although this is a fallacy, this perception of our government’s ill will towards the poor and minorities undoubtedly shaped his attitude and persona. In fact, Obama got to where he is today because he has blossomed in a society that bends over backwards to help the poor and minorities succeed at a great expense to our taxpayers and the government. He and his wife succeeded do to diversity and affirmative action initiatives that got them their Ivy League education. A liberal Ivy League education further conveys to its students that the poor, gays, handicapped, and minorities are victims in this great nation. The enemies against these victims are obviously the government, the wealthy, and of course big businesses that obviously conspire to keep the minorities, gays, handicapped, and the poor oppressed. If this concept or idea were remotely true, the Obama’s would still be living in poverty.


The United States is, in fact, much different than most societies. America’s capitalistic model gives each and every person the ability to succeed and to live their American Dream. This is not true in many nations around the world. In most countries if a child is born poor they have over a 95% chance of dying poor. That rate is reduced in the United States by nearly 30%. So it begs to reason why liberals are so determined to change our model to a more socialistic one. A socialistic society, like welfare in the United States, rewards people for being poor and provides little incentive for people to better themselves and strive for success. Socialism promotes mediocrity by punishing success at the expense of so called victims.


Now that Obama is the President he is showing his true colors as being the man that supports and has empathy towards all the victims in our society. Here are some Obama policies targeted at the so called victims in our society:


The Law – His choice of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court shows he wants a Justice to side with minorities, the handicapped, gays, and poor, solely because they are so called “victims”. This type of judge will only lead to more frivolous lawsuits and higher taxes and higher prices for goods and services for all.


Health Care – By providing government sponsored health care to the so called victims, health care will become more expensive and shoddy for everyone else. If anyone needs proof they need to look no further than our Medicare system, or the socialized medical health care systems around the world.  


Education – Obama wants to make it easier for every American victim to have the opportunity to afford and attend college. Once again this is noble, but not every victim wants to attend college. Nor does every victim have the aptitude to excel in college. Today, nearly 40% of all people that go to college drop out and therefore college becomes is a waste of money for thousands of individuals, families, and our government. College is not for everyone, but instead Obama is creating this stigma that college should be the goal of every American. Obama’s focus and priority should be first to ensure all victims are getting an opportunity at a good education (K-12) and do not drop out of school before they graduate high school. After all, the high school drop out rate is over 20% in many urban areas.


Foreign Affairs – Obama goes around the world pandering to and apologizing for United States behavior. After all, the arrogant United States is obviously against Muslims and poor victims around the globe. What Obama fails to mention is that thousands of American Servicemen have died fighting for the freedom of Muslims. Muslims have been the victims of genocide in Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Serbia, Somalia, and Afghanistan where the U.S. has recently fought for their freedom. Nor does Obama mention that our so called evil corporations and wealthy are some of the most generous people in the world. They have donated billions to aid those that have been involved in catastrophes around the globe and to the millions suffering from poverty in Africa. Instead of promoting this generosity, Obama is now placing higher taxes on anyone giving to charities.


I grew up poor so I could have chosen to be a victim of society. Instead, I did not want empathy, government handouts, or to be a known as a victim and thus, I became fairly successful. Being poor, a minority, handicapped, or gay is not necessarily a sentence to have a miserable life. However, if we continue to cater to and pander to so called victims, they will continue to be nothing more than a victim requiring a life time of government and taxpayer assistance. This is not a recipe for success, but one for failure.


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