What is Wrong with the ACLU?

My blogs are my opinions based on my experiences. I am not saying my points of view are correct, but I can at least defend them based on what I have experienced in my life. I may not understand another person’s point of view, but hopefully I will respect it. After all, not everyone had the same life experiences as me. I have said that the biggest problem polarizing Americans is our intolerance for another person’s views as well as a few fanatical people that vehemently protest for their cause. The animal rights activist group, PETA, is a good example. PETA is loaded with good people that only want to protect animals from extinction or cruelty. However, over the years, PETA has become more and more extreme and more and more of its members have become fanatical over their cause. Now, PETA claims that any person that eats meat or hunts is an evil person. They are so rigid in their beliefs that they are unable to compromise. In fact, it would not be satisfactory to fanatical PETA supporters for humans to eat cloned meat and spare animals from slaughter. This is not only unreasonable, but unrealistic thinking. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is another national organization that is raising some eyebrows with its rigid and fanatical beliefs. Yes, the ACLU does a lot of good by providing legal assistance to individuals and groups in cases where their civil liberties have been arguably breeched. Any good that the ACLU has done is diminished with its policies that put the civil liberties of all Americans in jeopardy. There is no question that the ACLU has become a national security risk for all Americans. The ACLU is nothing more than a special interest group, like PETA, that is playing politics. The ACLU has been one of the big proponents of the liberal left to go after the Bush administration for violating the civil liberties of enemy combatants in Gitmo. They have been pushing the Obama administration to release the torture memos and the photos of detainees being treated harshly. What is the ACLU’s rush to release confidential information while we are still at war. Why can’t they wait for all the documents to be released, instead of just a few cherry picked documents, when the war is over? The only thing the ACLU is accomplishing is putting our brave men and women in our armed services in danger with their fanatical and reckless agenda. The ACLU policies are also putting all Americans in danger since the information they want disclosed will only agitate radical Islamic followers to join the Jihad and kill innocent Americans. The big question is why the ACLU is so determined to defend the civil liberties of enemy combatants while risking the civil liberties of all Americans?


I am the first person to admit that waterboarding is torture. However, I support the Bush administrations use of waterboarding. First, the Bush administration went through all the proper channels to get approval to use waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques. Liberals act as if Bush was covering up torture. However, it has been quite the opposite, they documented everything very clearly with the CIA and the Justice Department. Second, I think it is better to violate the civil liberties of a few enemy combatants than violate the civil liberties of thousands of American citizens if the U.S. was attacked again. Third, the Geneva Convention rules for prisoners of war do not apply for the enemy combatants in Gitmo since they were not uniformed soldiers. Fourth, torture is in the eye of beholder. For example, according to my definition of torture, the Air Force I fly over New York City was torture. Think about it, that event panicked thousands of innocent New Yorkers who feared for their lives. That is torture! Is the ACLU going to defend these people and go after the Obama administration for torture? Of course not, and I agree that would be ridiculous. It was a major screw up, but I doubt the Obama administration wanted to intentionally scare New Yorkers. That would be political suicide. Why can’t the liberal left understand that the only thing the Bush administration wanted to accomplish was to keep us safe (which they accomplished) and simply let this torture nonsense go away.


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