Protestors Should Put Up, or Shut Up!

I started to blog for a number of reasons. First, I did not like the direction that our country was heading. Second, my father was a big political pundit and after he died I felt it would only be fitting to do my best to carry out the conservative message he taught me. I am only a miniscule part of society and seriously doubt I will make any impact on issues that polarize and divide conservatives and all Americans. However, I always had a philosophy if I did not like something, then I needed to do something about it. Thus, I am at least trying to write and get my message out. I always told direct reports at work that they could complain to me about anything they wanted as long as they had some realistic ideas or possible solutions to what is disturbing them. It does absolutely no good to complain without offering solutions or actually doing something constructive to resolve the problem.


It has always angered me when people protest vehemently and fanatically over a cause, but deep down they really accomplish very little for what they are fighting for. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against people protesting in a respectful and reasonable manner. The Tea Parties were excellent examples of reasonable protests since I did not hear of one person getting arrested. However, there can be an ugly side to protests that can be violent, disrespectful, and counterproductive. For example, what is the purpose for an individual who believes in global warming and the only thing they accomplish while protesting their cause is demeaning those with different viewpoints? It only creates more division and friction between opposing views and is generally counterproductive. On the other hand, if the same individual who believes in global warming actually joined a company that produces renewable energy, this would be much more effective than simply drawing attention to oneself at a protest. If an individual wants to protect the environment, not only should they live with a small energy footprint, but they should be doing something significant to make a positive and direct impact. Environmentalist can become forest rangers, or volunteer to clean up trash. The younger generation of Americans seems to enjoy protesting and making a fuss over just about any cause. I have a problem with this when their only motive is to get the attention of the government, or someone that will do something constructive for their cause. First, no group should be seeking government assistance for their cause. Any activist group should be able to raise money for their cause in the private sector. I have one request for irrational protesters, put up or shut up!


I bet I have done more for climate change than 99% of the fanatical global warming activist. I do not necessarily feel humans are causing global warming, but I believe pollution is bad. Besides, I try to conserve energy because I do not like paying large energy bills. I also worked on numerous products in my corporate days that have been used in green energy applications. So please, stop all the unreasonable protests unless you have or plan to do something about your cause and make a positive impact. Obviously, by positive impact I do not mean creating friction, or breaking any laws. I bet 99% of all activists are nothing more than hypocritical phonies that do not practice what they preach. For example, Obama sits in an 80 degree oval office, Al Gore flies around the county on his own private jet, and so on. They are hypocritical phonies that live on the philosophy: Do as I say, not as I do!


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