I believe everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, and I openly admit that I wanted Obama to succeed. After all, if Obama succeeds then everybody in our great nation should be the benefactor: prospering and excelling. I personally wish no ill will on Obama and his administration, but I have seen enough to want the man and his policies to fail. Obama may be a good person and have the best intentions for our nation. However, I view his policies as naïve, hypocritical, destructive, counterproductive, misguided, and promoting mediocrity. Obama’s policies do not even remotely represent what are forefathers had in mind. Many Obama policies violate the Constitution and the law of our great land. Obama policies will ruin the American dream that so many people pursue. I have lived my life by some basic principals and have been fairly successful. Obama violates these principals and morals just about everyday. The real problem with Obama policies is that they violate State rights and cannot be administered equally, consistently, and fairly to all corporations and individuals. Thus, I have seen enough and want the man to fail. Here are some critical policy errors to date:


  1. Closing Guantanamo without a contingency plan.
  2. Retracting enhanced interrogation techniques.
  3. Spending and more spending which leads to waste, debt, inflation, and eventually higher taxes for all.
  4. Nominating Supreme Court Justices based on ethnicity and their empathic view towards law.
  5. Increasing taxes on the wealthy during a recession.
  6. Violating separation of Church and State by pandering and catering to one religion: Islam.
  7. Bailouts and more bailouts of the federal governments choosing for both individuals and corporations.
  8. The federal government is running private sector banks and automotive industries to introduce and enforce more regulation such as cap and trade and CAFÉ standards.
  9. An energy policy that caters to big business (GE), special interest groups (Al Gore), and lobbyist for wind energy and avoids the best renewable option: nuclear energy.
  10. He has failed to take any significant action against the nuclear threat in both Iran and North Korea except cutting spending in missile defense systems.
  11. Obama is creating more partisan and division amongst Americans by bashing and blaming his predecessor like no other President in history.
  12. Obama claims to be the moralistic administration that will provide 100% transparency, but releases only half truths about torture and fails to reveal the cost of his trips.
  13. Obama is failing on campaign promises for earmark reform, an administration free of lobbyist, and a tax break for 95% of all Americans.
  14. He is socializing health care that will cost our government billions and possibly trillions in new spending we do not have.
  15. Blunders: Flying Air Force I over New York City and releasing classified information about the location of nuclear weapons to name a few.
  16. Obama violated ethics by nominating individuals for important cabinet posts that had not paid their taxes.
  17. Transparency – The Czar System is the opposite of Transparency.


Enough already! Obama and his administration are out of control and there is very little we can do to stop this man’s personal agenda for our nation. I beg everyone to stop listening to this man’s carefully crafted words and only look at his actions. Yes, for the first time in my life I want to see a President fail because if he is successful the United States of America will become the Socialize States of America.


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