Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Many times Obama says the right things however; we must not get too caught up in this man’s charismatic and carefully chosen words. We must look at his actions to see the hypocrisy and the true Obama. During the campaign he ran as centrist, but the first four months of his Presidency has been anything but moderate. In fact, his is the biggest liberal social agenda ever being forced down the throats of Americans. Here are some of the top Obama flip flops, hypocritical statements, or whatever you want to call this man’s charismatic half truths:


No more military tribunals at Guantanamo.


No lobbyist in the Obama administration.


No more earmarks and pork.


Ethics – He appointed cabinet members to posts that have not paid their taxes.


Obama will now hold some Guantanamo detainees indefinitely.


Obama will close Guantanamo by January 2010. With no plan and Democrats and foreign nations running away from the President, I doubt he will accomplish this goal. 


Obama cut the DC educational voucher system after pushing for competition on the campaign trail.


Bankruptcy was not an option for the automotive industry.


Obama expects Republicans to support his Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor; however he did not approve Bush appointees for the Supreme Court.


Obama claims to be the politician to bridge our political divide and be a bipartisan leader introducing a new style of politics in Washington. In fact, he has been quite the opposite, bashing the Bush administration every chance he gets. No President in the history of our nation has bashed and blamed a previous administration as Obama has. Obama and the Democrats have been calling the Republican Party: the Party of No. Yes, I agree that Republican leadership is lacking. However, the claims that the Republican Party has only said “No” to stimulus spending and bailouts without offering a different plan is not correct. The Republicans have offered a different less expensive stimulus plan and have offered a different health care plan. However, Obama and the Democrats do not care. Obama has said this many times: “I won the election and Americans voted for change” thus, he expects Republicans to conform and agree with him. Did Obama conform and listen to Bush? Absolutely not! Remember, Obama chose to release only half the memos on torture to appease the left and cave into ACLU pressure. A true bipartisan President should have released ALL or No memos. In essence, he should have released No memos on torture until the war on terror is over because it is a national security risk to our troops. However, it appears politics and partisanship is more important than national security. Obama also claims to be the man pushing transparency in Washington. Cherry picking documents to tell half truths is not transparency.


Obama scolded (and rightfully so) corporate CEO’s that accepted bailout money for wasting it on parties and trips. However, Obama and Congressional members have been spending money on campaign raising trips on the taxpayer’s dime despite our government going further and further into debt. Besides, Obama claimed to be the President to push for transparency, but he refuses to tell the taxpayer what these campaign trips cost.


Obama has routinely accused Republicans of using fear mongering tactics to push its war on terror agenda. However, Obama is using the economic recession as a fear mongering focal point to pass a social agenda. In fact, Obama stated that the lack of a Universal Health Care system in the United States is the biggest threat to economic recovery.


Obama stated he did not want to be in the automotive or banking business, but his actions are quite different. The U.S. government (taxpayers) owns AIG, General Motors, and Chrysler and the President is making most of the decisions which includes pushing new CAFÉ Standards on the auto industry. If he does not want to be in the auto and financial industries, he should at least delegate the task to the private sector.


Obama moved the census from the Commerce Department to the White House. This is another step towards partisan politics.


Obama claimed a new form of foreign policy of “talk” (really not new, this is Jimmy Carter’s failed foreign policy) to end the Iran and North Korean nuclear threats. The situation is continuing to worsen and Obama is once again changing his “talk” policy to one with stronger sanctions. This is the same policy he lambasted the Bush administration for following.  Even Obama’s “groveling” to our European allies has yielded no support in Afghanistan. Obama’s only hope in Iran is that Ahmadinejad is ousted in this months Iran elections.


Obama insists American’s are addicted to oil and we must cut back for national security reasons and to protect our planet from dangerous carbon emissions. However, Obama certainly has not curbed his travel for campaign fund raisers and the man keeps his office at 80 degrees in the winter.


He promised a tax cut to 95% of all Americans. Most Americans will be surprised when they pay their taxes next year that the government has changed the tax tables to recoup any tax rebate most Americans received.


These are just a few and I am sure I missed several more.


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