The Ugly Politics of the Left

I am getting tired of the ugly politics that the Democrats and media use to destroy the image of decent people to get their way on political issues. Here are just a few examples:


Arlen Specter – He recently got double crossed by the Democrats when we switched from the Republican to Democratic Party. Sure, Specter is getting what he deserves for making a move to only prolong his career. However, the Democrats are “strong arming” Specter to make sure he votes the liberal way on all congressional legislation. For example, it was speculated that Specter would vote against some Union legislation. The Democrats are going to threaten Specter and if he does not vote the partisan way they will do everything in their power to make sure he is not reelected next year. This type of behavior is only working to further divide and polarize Americans.


Joe Lieberman – The Democrats were angry with Joe Lieberman’s support of the Iraq War and conspired to get him removed from office. The Democrats funded a liberal candidate who defeated Lieberman in the primary for the re-election of his Senate seat. However, Lieberman foiled the Democrats plan and won re-election running as an independent. The Democrats message is clear, if a congressman does not vote in a partisan way on issues, they will do everything in their power to remove that candidate from office.


Sarah Palin – The media and liberals went out of their way to destroy Sarah Palin’s image during the 2008 election and most of their deception had nothing to do with political issues, it was on personal issues. The media generated rumors and conspiracies about her new born child. They claimed the baby was not hers and it belonged to her daughter. Feminist made her out to evil because she opted to have the child who had downs-syndrome. They attacked her teen daughter for being pregnant. Their attacks had nothing to do with political issues, but only personal issues to ruin her reputation and image.


Joe the Plumber – The Democrats and media dismissed this guy as being insignificant. They violated his rights and unlawfully went through his personal records to collect “dirt” and ruin his credibility. The fact Joe decided not to buy the plumbing business because of the tax implications is evidence that spreading the wealth does not work and promotes mediocrity.


Miss California – The left made Miss California out to be a villain since she does not believe in gay marriage and has done everything to ruin this young girl’s credibility. This in a country where we are supposed to have freedom of speech and opinion without being persecuted is all but lost. I can see condemning a person that is promoting hate and bigotry, but condemning a person who believes in the consensus of her state and national opinion is simply absurd. The left has finally succeeded in getting Miss California fired from her role.


These are just a few of many examples over the past 2 years.


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