Why Obama Chose VP Biden

During my corporate days I noticed a disturbing pattern. I noticed supervisors promoting mediocre or even well below average performers into management roles. I was befuddled by such decisions, but over time I was able to theorize as to why people made these questionable choices for managers. The reason a manager would promote subpar talent is because they did not want to promote someone that would threaten their job or position. However, only a small percentage of these hiring supervisors suffer from a fragile ego or a lack of self confidence. In actuality, a majority of these hiring supervisors have large super egos and are indeed extremely confident. Thus, it begs to reason why a confident person would promote inferior talent that would not threaten their existence? Hiring supervisors wanted individuals that not only did not threaten their job, but people that made them look good. A majority of the hiring supervisors that pulled these stunts could be classified as “micro-managers”. Micro-managers focus only on the day to day firefights and oversee their managers every move. In essence, they make nearly one hundred percent of the decisions their managers would make on a daily basis. These micro-managers would very often make critical decisions for their managers in meetings in front of their supervisors. These hiring supervisors have what I call “The White Knight Syndrome”. The White Knight Syndrome is a complex in which supervisors satisfy their egos and show off in front of their supervisors by “saving the day” and “rescuing” the organization. These supervisors have a way to even make mundane decisions appear as if they are critical. In essence, this ploy to hire inferior managers is done to only promote their careers for advancement. It is a clever plan, but one would think that most could see through this dramatic brown nose scheme. However, most people and corporate leaders are gullible and play right into the conniving trap. Most micro-managers and all White Knight Syndrome managers are actually inferior managers, because they lack or avoid strategic thinking. In my view, a good manager would hire competent people to fight the daily battles while he or she guided them into the future with a well crafted plan. Thus, micro-managers are not thinking about the future or the consequences of decisions being made today. Thus, the organization is operating on “auto pilot” with no concrete plans or even risk management plans to change course or guide the ship in another direction.


So what does all this have to do with Obama choosing Joe Biden as his running mate? Joe has always been a babbling fool and chronic blow hard. Obama justified picking Biden because of his vast experience, especially in foreign affairs. However, if one were to look closely at Joe Biden’s record in foreign affairs, he is more often wrong than right about his philosophies and theories. Most recently, he was wrong about the surge in Iraq, and he promoted dividing Iraq into three countries: Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. However, the country and government is currently flourishing with all three factions of people playing important roles and working side by side. No, the real reason Obama chose Biden was to make him look good. It is working, after seeing all the blunders that Joe is making over miniscule details as the Vice President, I actually prey nothing happens to Obama. Obama is a very bad President, but Biden would be even a bigger disaster for this country. For the same reason, I think Obama wants to keep Pelosi and Reed as the head of the House and Senate respectively. As bad as Obama is, President Pelosi and President Reed in my view would be even more devastating for this country (if it is at all possible). Hence, I believe Obama picked Biden as his Vice Presidential choice to make him look good. I believe Obama has the super ego and White Knight Syndrome complex to support my theory. If you look at Obama’s aggressive agenda of spending and government power grabs in the private sector, it is obvious that Obama is micro-managing the current recession and is not thinking about the repercussions of his policies in the future. For example, he does not seem concerned about inflation from his massive spending, nor does he seemed concerned about how CAFÉ standards may finally force the auto industry out of business. He does not seem concerned about the consequences of quadrupling the national debt, nor does he seemed concerned about universal health care costs on Americans. The same can be said about his policy changes in fighting the war on terror. Obama’s closure of Gitmo with no plan and his repeal of enhanced interrogation techniques may haunt him in the future. Face it, Obama is a micro manager, leading the country on “auto pilot” with no plans to correct his policies when they do not go as planned. He is trying to be viewed as the “White Knight” to save this economy from the current recession by overeating with his vast liberal agenda and policies. What does Obama plan to do when inflation strikes hard or when his universal health care costs are spiraling this country further and further into debt? What does Obama do if God forbid our country is attacked again now that he has closed Gitmo and he cannot obtain any valuable intelligence from captives? These are tough questions that an ego centrist leader that is micro managing the country into oblivion has obviously had not thought about.


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