Consistency is a good thing and it is what we should require from all individuals, corporations, and our government. For example, a home plate umpire in a baseball game may have liberal strike zone. There is nothing wrong with a liberal strike zone if and only if the umpire consistently calls balls and strikes over the entire game. Thus, players are able to adjust if the game is called consistently. However, if the game is not called consistently, a team or player may benefit over another team or player. If this were to happen it would not be fair to all involved in the game. Our government is no different and we can only hope our political officials enact legislation and policies that can be applied equally to all. Thus, I see government consistency analogous with the government being fair to every taxpayer. This, to me, is the problem with Obama and many liberal policies since they cannot be enforced consistently over all businesses and individuals. For example, it is impossible for the Obama administration to consistently enforce individual and corporate bailouts. It does not seem fair that the automotive industry is getting bailed out while other struggling businesses are ignored. The same can be said of individuals benefitting from policies to avoid foreclosure on their home while other citizens are ignored. That is the problem with government spending, it is at best random, and does not include everyone needing help. For this reason, I am a fiscal conservative, and do not believe in abundant spending programs and bailouts. Thus, Obama spending policies are not consistent. Republicans are guilty of this practice as well. Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo was a victim of the Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Tancredo, is a fiscal conservative and had been against government bailouts, however he quickly changed his mind when he lost his entire savings to Madoff’s con game. Now, he is calling for a government bailout to all people that lost money in the Madoff Ponzi scheme. Obviously, this is not consistent thinking on Tancredo’s part. The problem with bailing out the victims to Madoff’s scheme is that the government would now have to bailout everyone that is a victim of fraud, scams, or racketeering to be consistent and fair. Yes, I have empathy for Tancredo and the others, but they will be setting a precedent that the government should not be involved in. Besides, why is it the responsibility of responsible taxpayers to bailout others for being incompetent? Every family has seen their wealth decrease anywhere from 25 to 50 percent in this recession, should we all be entitled a bailout as well? Absolutely not! Tancredo and others let their greed and emotion get the best of them. Any reasonable person would diversify their wealth, and would have asked questions as to why Madoff’s fund was consistently outperforming the market. Here are a few more examples of Obama legislative policies since being in office that are not consistent or cannot be consistently enforced:


  1. Education – He said competition is important to improve education, but he stopped the voucher program in Washington DC to allow minorities attend charter schools. Thus, Obama has not been consistent as to whether he will support the teacher’s union or successful charter schools that compete with public education.
  2. Torture – He has released CIA torture documents that only tell half the story. Consistency would be to release none or all of the documents. That would be the only fair way to report an issue.
  3. Gitmo – Liberals have been complaining for years to close Gitmo. Now that Obama has decided to close the detention center, liberals have not cooperated with the move since they do not want detainees being held in their jurisdiction. Obviously, this is not consistent, nor is it rational thinking.  
  4. New CAFÉ Standards – The new automotive CAFÉ standards to increase gas mileage and reduce carbon emissions are not fair since these requirements are not expected from foreign cars sold in the United States. Thus, new CAFÉ standards on U.S. auto manufactures will only make it harder for them to compete with global competition to make a profit and survive.
  5. New Cap and Trade Standards – Like CAFÉ standards, cap and trade standards only targets industries that produce carbon emissions. Thus, these policies will make it harder on these specific companies to compete globally since foreign companies do not have the same standards to meet.


I am not saying that Republicans and conservatives do not have any inconsistent or hypocritical policies. However, I am saying that the more government interference in the private sector and the more the government is spending equates to more inconsistent any hypocritical policies. A good analogy is the Constitutional Law: Separation of Church and State. Our founding fathers knew if politicians catered to one religion, the other religions would be in an uproar and vice versa. In other words, it would be hard to maintain any consistency in the treatments of religions if Church and State activities where not mutually exclusive.


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