Why Generation Y Tends to be Liberal

Why do the young voters of Generation Y support Obama at a rate of better than 2 to 1? I believe there is an easy explanation as to why this is the case. For the most part Generation Y has had two extremes of parenting. First there are those parents that are not involved with the raising of their kids and then there are those parents that too involved in the raising of their kids. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those Generation Y children have been parented correctly. The under parented kids are brought up without a strong family unit. They are raised by teachers, day care workers, and baby sitters. They do not get the love and nurturing necessary to have a normal childhood. These children are more likely to get in trouble and do poorly in school. Hence, most become blue collar workers and generally earn lower wages. These individuals are more likely to vote for a Democrat in an effort to get the government to take care of them. On the other extreme you have over parented children. Signs of over-parenting are not only when mom or dad is involved in every aspect of their children’s development, but also when they bail their kids out when things go wrong. For example, a mom will call a professor or teacher to change a grade their son or daughter received. Over-parented children do not know how to survive in the real world since mom and dad did everything for them. As a result, they are not self-aware and lack responsibility and character. These children are often spoiled and do not have to do chores or a job and often live at home after college. They are isolated and do not want to stray too far from home for college or employment. What is frightening is that these children are the future leaders of the United States. If compromise and progress are non-existent in our government today, it certainly will not be any better once this over-parented generation moves into power. In fact, things will get worse because over parented children’s personalities are amongst the weakest in terms of good leadership skills. They will not be good politicians, managers, or parents because they lack the essential personality and mental qualities to be successful. Although these individuals have opsimath personalities in terms of learning and education, their success lies in whether or not their personalities can change and overcome all the negatives outlined above. Over-parented kids expect rewards for just doing their job, just as mom and dad rewarded them. They can not deal with conflict or differing view points because mom and dad always said they were right. Hence, they have fragile personalities and frequently think their persona is under attack in the work place when others disagree with them. They are so dependent on their parents that in many cases they are just unable to take care of themselves in the real world or even think for themselves. Just as these children became dependent on mom and dad to take care of them and protect them, they will expect the government to do the same. Hence, over parented kids are likely to vote for a Democrat that they can depend on and think for them and bail them out when times get tough, just like mom and dad. A Generation Y child is more apt to be conservative if they were brought up with good parenting skills that instill the correct moral and fiscal values.

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