The Answer to all our Problems: Bisphenol A

I am the only conservative of my siblings, which includes 3 brothers and sister. Every week or so I get an article forwarded to me by them on my facebook page. The latest was an article by Nena Baker of the Huffington Post. The article is entitled Bisphenol A: The Goods on a Bad Plastic. The article was in the “living green” section of their web site. The gist of the article is that Bisphenol A is a substance used in plastic products that is dangerous. The article explains that fetuses exposed to this compound are subject to cancer, premature deliveries, and miscarriages. I find this somewhat ironic and hypocritical this article was in the same addition of other articles on their site hailing Dr. Tiller as a hero. As many of you probably know Dr. Tiller was the abortion doctor in Wichita Kansas that was murdered by a pro-life extremist (I am not defending the person that committed this crime, he should face the death penalty for his actions). Dr. Tiller aborted a mind numbing 50,000 children, many of which were in the last term of natal development. Thus, it begs to reason that Dr. Tiller was a bigger threat to a fetus’s well being than Bisphenol A. In any event, the article further explains Bisphenol A can get into a mother’s breast milk and affect an infant’s health. The compound is also used to make everyday items that children use such as sippy-cups. As I read this article and even if everything in it is correct, I can see there is a fundamental flaw in how liberals think and assess problems. The compound Bisphenol A may very well be toxic and a risk to children and adults. However, we must learn to fight our battles wisely. We can probably make an argument that everything is toxic starting with the air we breathe because it too has potential carcinogens. There is not much we can do if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the use of Bisphenol A, but perhaps boycott products that use the compound. No, instead I tried to convince my liberal siblings that it make more sense to focus their energy on a real problem that is causing health care premiums and cost to skyrocket. That problem is obesity and diabetes which is the number one threat to our children. More children will die from obesity related problems than from Bisphenol A related issues. It is a fact that obesity is the number one problem facing the American Health Care system today. So I argued to my left wing siblings it is not the sippy-cup that is the biggest threat to our kids, it is the Cola in the sippy-cup. Yes, the threat to our children is not really Bisphenol A, but bad decision making and bad diets. This is some of the commonsense that is lacking in our society and in particular the liberal think tank. Many times as an engineer I was chartered to increase the yield on a product. To do so I would work on resolving the part of product that had the highest defect rate. It would not make sense to work on the part of the product that only failed once on every 10,000 products. No, It makes sense to fix the part of the product that failed once in every 3 products. This is what is wrong with this country, we have fanatics protesting and making a fuss over infinitesimal issues and problems. It is a complete and utter lack of focus that Generation Y has. I think Generation Y should be called Generation ADD because they go off on tangents and completely neglect the real problems. Besides, Generation ADD is loaded with excuses and loves to blame others while taking no responsibility for their problems and actions. Thus, it is obviously more convenient to blame Bisphenol A for their problems than their poor decision making skills that allowed their children to eat McDonalds 5 times a week and get obese. Now we can finally understand why Generation ADD voted for Obama by a two to one margin.  


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