The Fairness Doctrine

Nancy Pelosi is leading the Democratic charge to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine was introduced by the FCC in 1949 to regulate that both the conservative and liberal points of view on controversial political issues are heard over the airwaves. I personally agree with this Doctrine however, the problem is that is not applied equally over all communications mediums. The Democrats want to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine that was last enforced in the 1980s, because it deals mainly with radio stations where conservative talk shows dominate the airwaves. The Fairness Doctrine was developed before TV and the Internet were prominent communication mediums. I would agree with the Fairness Doctrine if it were not only applied to the radio, but to the TV, our newspapers, and Internet news sites as well. It should come as no surprise that the liberals dominate TV and Internet news that are not covered by the doctrine. This only shows how biased and partisan the Democrats are. I also think the Fairness Doctrine should also apply to our educational system. Especially to our higher educational institutions that are predominately liberal. Today, these educational institutions have quotas to insure all races and religious types get a fair chance at attending their school. However, the only breed that is dying and being discriminated against in our schools is the conservative student and point of view. Teachers and professors that do not teach both sides of the story should not be tenured, it is that simple. Teaching opinions and bias has no place in the educational system. Just as educational institutions should teach both sides of the Civil War, they should be required to teach both sides of political issues. As I said, I am for the Fairness Doctrine as long as it is enforced through ALL media outlets and our schools. The Democrats only want it to equal the playing field on the radio, but not on TV, the newspapers, the Internet, or in our schools that are dominated by liberal points of view. The argument against the Fairness Doctrine is that it violates the “Freedom of Speech” amendment. However, the doctrine does not tell anyone that they cannot preach their viewpoint; it just says that another person should be allowed to give an alternate viewpoint on the same outlet. That means that Bill O’Reilly can still give his opinion on Fox News, but someone like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow should follow his show with an alternate view point.


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