The Weekly Obama Lowlights

Obama Picks John McHugh to be Secretary of the Army. This is the good news of the week. McHugh is a New York Congressman and is the senior member of the House Armed Service Committee. McHugh is qualified and I doubt there will be any more photo op’s with Air Force One flying over New York City. I still think this is a political move on Obama’s part. McHugh is a moderate, and more importantly, Obama won his district over John McCain last November by 5 points. Thus, it is plausible that Democrats can pick up another House seat when McHugh vacates the seat to take on his new post in the Obama administration. This will give the Democrats a larger stranglehold on Congress to pass the Obama liberal agenda.


GM files for bankruptcy and Obama appoints 31 year old Brian Deese to run Government Motors. After reviewing Deese’s resume, it is scary to think I have more relevant corporate and management experience to run GM than he does. GM and Chrysler going into bankruptcy should give Obama a black eye since he stated that “bankruptcy was not an option” and has already wasted billions in taxpayer dollars. Even more peculiar is Obama’s insistence he has no inkling to run Government Motors. However, his agenda is becoming clear and once again we should look at this man’s actions and not his carefully crafted words. Obama is using his ownership stake in Government Motors to pass new CAFÉ standards, politicize which plants to close and which ones will remain open, and he is giving a the United Auto Workers Union (UAW – A Democrat backed special interest group) two times a larger share in the company than those financing the bad credit. It is obvious, Obama certainly wants to be in the car business and he is calling the shots. After all, if he did not want to be in the auto business, he could have simply outsourced the task of bringing Government Motors back to health to the private sector.


Obama is already on second tour through the Muslim world. It is interesting to note he has yet to visit Israel. He did meet with the Israeli Prime Minister when he visited the U.S. Obama has given high profile speeches in Turkey and now in Egypt to mend Muslim and U.S. relations. Obama has been critical of Bush whom he claims has alienated Muslims. That may be true, but America does not owe any Muslims an apology. Many American servicemen have lost their lives the past two decades freeing Muslims from tyrants and oppression: the first Gulf War, the Bosnia conflict, and now Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, innocent people have died in these conflicts since freedom does not come without a heavy price. Remember, there have been over 2 million Americans that have lost their lives fighting for our freedom over 2 centuries. I gave Obama a pass when he attended conferences held by Rashid Khalidi, a pro Palestinian supporter. In order to solve the Middle East standoff between Jews and Muslims, Obama certainly would need to understand the Palestinian point of view. Thus, I found it acceptable he attend pro Palestinian meetings as long as he did the same to understand the Jewish point of view. However, I have not seen any effort on Obama’s part to be fair and balanced. Thus, his actions are pointing that he is a pro Palestinian sympathizer and at a minimum biased from his upbringing. After all, the only ultimatum Obama has given to resolve the Middle East conflict was to Israel to stop building settlements in Gaza. Once again, from a political standpoint Obama does not have much to lose with his Middle East policies of pandering to Muslims. After all, American-Jews vote for Democrats by more than a two to one margin despite strong efforts by Republicans to help defend Israel. If Jews have not already realized that Republicans are the party that supports the Jewish movement in the Middle East, they will never see it. Thus, I think Obama has little to lose by catering to Muslims and Palestinians.  I just do not understand this obsession that Obama has to be liked by everyone (see my blog: Obama suffers from Autophobia). I try to be polite and friendly, but I could care less if people dislike me because I am opinionated and blatantly honest. I would not say anything behind someone’s back that I would not say to their face. Thus, I am the opposite of Obama and his political correctness and maybe that is why I simply do not understand why it is important for everyone in the world to like us. It is impossible to befriend everyone and I think we should stop trying. We have a lot of issues here in the U.S. and we should be focusing on these as well as the Iranian and North Korean nuclear threat.


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