Why Fiscal Responsibilty?

Why should fiscal responsibility be the top point on the Republican platform? I believe this should be the case for numerous reasons that I will outline below:


  1. The Obama administration is adding to our federal deficit at an alarming rate, faster than any previous President. Thus far Obama is averaging about 50 billion dollars to our national debt everyday he is in office. This is obviously cause for concern especially since Obama continues to convince the uniformed public he needs to do this to save the economy and he continues to use the crutch of blaming Bush for his spending spree.
  2. Fiscal responsibility is more important than moral issues. I am not trying to diminish the importance of moral issues, but let’s think rationally. First, these issues should be decided by the individual states. Second, how important is the abortion issue if that child is born into a country where he or she will be faced with the burden to reduce our national debt because it will directly impact the quality of their life? How important is gay marriage if these individuals face uncertain futures with social security and Medicare dried up? Doesn’t it make sense to ensure a quality future for every American before worrying about stem cell research or capital punishment? After all, I would rather trust the American public with such decisions than our state and federal governments or the Supreme Court that has already shown it has no respect for human life. The Supreme Court not only supported Roe v. Wade, but also ruled that African-Americans were not people in the 1800’s. Besides, moral issues attract attention like a lightning rod and most of these issues are divided nearly 50% for and 50% against in this country. After both the Bush and Obama spending sprees, I would be willing to bet over 60% (at least) of Americans can be convinced spending is bad (higher taxes) and a balanced budget is good (lower taxes).
  3. Fiscal responsibility is directly related to national security. How safe is our country when potential enemies such as China own over 1 trillion dollars in U.S. treasury bonds? Not very safe since China has leverage on the United States in dealing with North Korea or even on economic issues since China is one of our biggest competitors in the global free market. Besides, if another national security issue arises such as military action against Iran to stop their nuclear threat, how are we going to pay for this without running up more debt?
  4. Fiscal responsibility is directly related to energy independence. The United States cannot be considered fiscally responsible if we are giving money to rogue nations such as Venezuela for oil. The United States has the technology, know how, and ingenuity to not only be energy independent, but to be able to sell our extra energy production to other nations. This would not only correct our federal deficit, but would also correct our trade deficit. To me the correct choice in becoming energy independent is nuclear energy. It is safe, efficient, and it is clean.
  5. Fiscal responsibility is directly related to other spending domestic issues such as welfare, Medicare, social security, and so forth. These social programs account for over fifty percent of our national budget and growing. If these programs are not reformed then they will continue to be a huge burden and potentially dry up for future generations. It does not make sense to worry about universal health care insurance and other issues such as torture until we get the issues that will directly impact every American today and every American in the future under control.
  6. Fiscal responsibility can also lead to tax reform. A fair tax can be implemented and do away with our complex and cumbersome tax code. A fair tax would help the government eliminate debt and the American people with lower taxes.
  7. If we do a risk to benefit analysis on any issues facing our country, the risks are dire if our budget is not under control and that is why fiscal responsibility should be the top priority of Republicans to fix.


In summary, a fiscal responsible platform could yield entitlement and tax reform, energy independence, better national security, and economic stability and growth.  

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