A Republican Platform

Here is another shot at a Republican Platform. Please feel free to comment (omit, add, reword, change, etc.).

Fiscal Responsibility

Eliminate Earmarks – Simplify Bills and Legislation to eliminate waste. This promotes transparency.

Implement the Fair Tax – Eliminate the IRS. This will also bring in more income to balance the budget while reducing taxes on all Americans.

Balance the Budget – Goal should be at a minimum to prevent going further into debt.

Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate to 25% – Help keep and add new jobs in the United States.

No Bailouts and Government Interference in the Private Sector – Let capitalism work.

Progressive Pay and Benefit Scale for Political Officials – Wealthy politicians should have a lower pay scale and vice versa.

National Security

            Win in Afghanistan and Iran – Stay on the offensive and fight terror overseas.

            Secure our Boarders – High technology pseudo wall between U.S. and Mexico.

            Energy Independence – Drill off shore and in Alaska, pursue Nuclear Energy heavily.

            Contain the North Korea and Iran Threat – Support Israel to use military action if needed.

Social Reform (Empower the Individual States)

            Education Reform – Promote competition, teacher accountability, eliminate failing schools, reduce the emphasis on standardize testing, and reduce federal government interference.

            Entitlement Program Reform – Move from welfare to workfare to rebuild decaying cities and crumbling infrastructures. Let the individual states run these programs.

            Health Care Reform – Privatized system, promote competition, cut health care costs using incentives.

            Social Security Reform – Move from a government sponsored Ponzi scheme to a privatized system.

            Medicare Reform – Move from a government sponsored Ponzi scheme to a privatized system.

            Moral Issues – Let the people in each individual state decide on gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, and capital punishment.


            Judges – Hold appointed judges accountable for interpreting the Constitution.

            Elected Officials – Hold all elected officials accountable for their actions. They should actively listen to people in their jurisdiction

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