A Conservative Platform

1.      All Congressional and Executive members must pass a test on the Constitution 4 times a year, and must be held accountable when they venture outside the powers the Constitution permits.

2.      Since the American people fail to implement term limits on congressional members by voting them out of office, we should consider other options to make sure Congress is not dominated by the same people. Congressmen should be required to retire at age 60 or when they finish their last term when they reach 60. State legislators (instead of the people) can appoint congressional members of their choice every term. Congressional members should be term limited to 12 years. That is two terms for a Senator and 6 terms for a House member.

3.      It should be illegal to increase the federal deficit without a two-thirds majority in Congress. Thus, if Congress were to pass a law without a two-thirds majority, they must repeal other laws or eliminate governmental departments so they do not increase the deficit.

4.      Congressional members, Presidents, and judges should be paid on a progressive scale. Their benefits (health care, pension, etc.) will also be distributed on a progressive scale. For example, those that have a net worth over 1 million should not be paid and have minimal benefits. It should be a privilege to serve the people. Wealthy politicians should be creating a custom to work for nothing. New York City Mayor Bloomberg is an example.

5.      Each Congressman as well as the President must reduce spending in their administrations during recessions by at least 25%.

6.      No more tax increases of any kind on any American people without a two-thirds majority in Congress. We should abolish the IRS and implement a “Fair” or “Flat” tax rate.

7.      Lower Corporate Taxes. The corporate tax rate should be reduced from 35 to 25%

8.      The Federal Government has the Constitutional duty to regulate interstate and international commerce, but they cannot act as a market participant, without creating an unfair situation. In other words, when the government interferes in the private sector, it is impossible for all its laws and regulations to be applied consistently to all corporations.  

9.      No more earmarks. If a proposed earmark has merit, place it in separate legislation for approval. At a minimum political pressure and basic guidelines are needed to reduce the practice of earmarks

10.  Congressional members are required to hold 12 town hall meetings with at least 500 people per meeting in their jurisdiction every year to hear the voice of their citizens.

11.  Separation of Church and State

12.  The Supreme Court must be held accountable for the cases it hears and the decisions it renders. Supreme Court Justices must only rule on the law and should not legislate from the bench. 

Please feel free to provide feedback (Add, Delete, Change, so forth). I would like to come up with a reasonable platform for Conservatives to run on.

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