Why Vote for a Liberal?

I have said this before and I will say it again, I will vote for the most fiscally responsible candidate. If that happens to be a liberal Democrat, so be it. This got me thinking when I was looking over the Democratic platform, why would people vote for a liberal candidate (More details on each category can be obtained by reading more blogs):


  1. If you cannot think for yourself, you may vote for a liberal to think for you. Democrats consistently want a big government to solve the problems of all Americans. Unfortunately, liberals feel the only solution to a problem is to throw money at it. This does not work if other failing variables are ignored.
  2. If you and your family are struggling and have hit hard times, you can vote for a liberal to bail you out. This is America and everyone faces adversity. If you are struggling, pick yourself up and brush yourself off and do something about it! Good luck waiting on the government to pull you out of a tough time. The only way to save you and your family is to do it yourself!
  3. If you are liberal on moral issues such as gay marriage, abortion, capital punishment, you may vote for a liberal. I believe anyone voting for or against any candidate (liberal or conservative) solely for their stance on moral issues is wrong. I understand these issues are extremely important to most people, but these should not be national issues. Each individual state should address these issues by having the people decide. The key point here is that the people should decide, not the federal or state governments or the courts.  I certainly trust the people more than the courts. The Supreme Court has ruled in the past that African-Americans are not people and off course over stepped its bounds on Roe v. Wade.
  4. If you are an environmentalist you may vote for a liberal. This is an issue where liberals are hypocrites. Liberals say they want clean energy, but do not like nuclear energy as an option. In fact, nuclear is the best option because it yields the best return on investment. An eye sore wind farm that is nearly the size of Rhode Island is required to equal the energy output of a present day 4 reactor nuclear power plant. Nuclear energy is safe and Japan and France are excellent examples of countries using nuclear power to generate 80% of their energy.
  5. If you believe in helping the poor and the corresponding social programs and hand outs, you may vote for a liberal. I am all for helping the poor, but unfortunately the social programs created by the federal government do not work and are almost all a waste of money. All of these social programs and wasteful spending are examples of the Theory of Mediocrity at work. First of all, there are so many redundant programs that would operate more efficiently if they were consolidated. Second, the federal government is overstepping the bounds of the Constitution when enacting social programs. The individual states are chartered to care for the welfare and safety of its citizens, not the federal government. The federal government may give states money for social programs, but they are being arrogant if they are dictating exactly how the funds are to be used. Third, entitlement programs are not solving our social issues such as poverty and homelessness. Despite being a huge part of the federal budget our poverty and homeless rates continue to rise. The reason for this is simple. The money allocated for these entitlement programs does not address the root cause of the problem: education. Nor do these entitlement programs clean up the inner cities and living conditions for the poor. Thus, there is absolutely no chance of an economic recovery in these oppressed areas.
  6. You may vote for a liberal if you attended any of our biased colleges and universities across this country. One class of individuals being discriminated against in our schools are the conservative student and teacher and their point of view. All teachers should be required by law to teach both the liberal and conservative point of view on controversial political issues.
  7. You may vote for a liberal if you come from Generation Y. Our youth have not only been biased by our liberal schools, but they have been brought up by parents that have failed their children with under or over parented skills. I will blog about this later.

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