Obama Nominates Sonia Sotomayor

Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court replacing the retiring David Souter. From a political standpoint it is an excellent choice. If the Republicans try to block this pick using a filibuster, it could hurt their image further with women and Hispanics. Women and Hispanics are predominately liberal supporters. Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic ethnic group in the United States, and if the Republicans cannot get at least 40% of their vote they will be taking the back seat to Democrats in many elections. Some may say that Obama caved to Hispanics calling for a Latino Judge. That may true, but it leaves the GOP in a tough spot to fight the choice. Personally, I do not think that diversity should come into play when nominating Supreme Court Justices. The best judge should be nominated regardless of ethnicity. Diversity can be a dangerous thing when standards are lowered since it only leads to mediocrity. Sotomayor definitely has enough experience and may in fact be the best qualified “liberal” for the job. However, Sotomayor fits the Obama mold of assigning a judge that uses empathy in her decisions and that to conservatives is a dangerous attribute. She has also been caught on tape saying that she tries to legislate from the bench. A judge can have empathy for a plaintiff or defendant, but they certainly cannot use empathy in their decision. This will only lead to more frivolous lawsuits where people are suing others simply because they are poor, or because they are a woman. The only duty of any judge is to uphold the law and the Constitution, not to make decisions that will generate new laws. Sotomayor comes from a poor a background and has showed empathy by siding with minorities in decisions. Recently, a white New Haven Connecticut man passed a test to be promoted in the fire department. However, the town refused to promote him since too few minorities passed the test to be promoted. Sotomayor ruled in favor of the city of New Haven. This is ridiculous, a man’s career and his dreams are squashed because there are no minorities to promote with him. Is this the fault of the white man, and should he be discriminated against? Absolutely not! As I stated before, diversity legislation can be dangerous as in this case where a man is being held back in mediocrity. If promoted, this man could potentially raise the standards of the New Haven fire department and SAVE LIVES. However, saving lives and protecting its citizens is obviously not the objective of New Haven politicians and Sotomayor’s empathy towards minorities. Sotomayor’s comments about legislating from the bench along with her obvious empathy that supports mediocrity should be enough for the Republicans to fight her nomination, but as I mentioned earlier, a Republican fight could hurt their image with Hispanics. This is a tough one to call, but I think the Republicans should pick their battles wisely and elect Sotomayor to the post (assuming she passes the confirmation hearings). Whichever political party that controls the White House will select a Supreme Court Justice that fits their beliefs and the other party simply must accept that. The people elected Obama by a fairly large majority and they must have understood his position on law, so we must live with his court selections (although Obama voted against Bush appointees). Although I feel Obama’s view on the law is scary and misguided and a leading reason I did not vote for him, 65 million others think his views are acceptable. Just as the left was on a witch hunt over Bush-era improprieties for firing federal judges, a President can fire and appoint whomever they please weather the opposing party likes it or not. Clinton did the same, and I suspect Obama will too and there is very little the opposing party can do about it. We, as Americans, must be fair and consistent when viewing a President’s power to select federal judges. The left will view this selection as magnanimous by our supreme leader, but if we once again look closely at the selection it is nothing more than mere politics at its best.


To clarify my position on diversity policies is that I am not against them per se. I could support diversity policies if they were temporary until the root cause of the problem is corrected: education. However, education continues to fail minorities while diversity standards at corporations and universities are continually lowered. These policies promote mediocrity and not excellence. There are two reasons why the U.S. corporations are falling behind other industrialized nations: Diversity policies such as affirmative action and corporate taxes. Research and development costs are being cut by major U.S. corporations in order to compete globally. Thus, higher taxes mean less money to spend on innovation. Diversity policies and quotas also mean a dwindling intellect in the corporate workplace to innovate and lead.


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North Korea continues to step up its pressure on the United States and the free world as it successfully tested a nuclear bomb and launched several missiles. This should be a reminder to Obama that his decision to propose budget cuts in our missile defense system is premature. Hopefully, Obama will see his error and judgment and flip flop on this issue. Obama must find a way to step up the pressure on North Korea and place strict sanctions on them and he must act quickly and decisively. Unfortunately, the Chinese and Russians have not been using their influence in the region to reign in North Korea. The U.S. should continue to have allies in Japan and South Korea to pressure the North Koreans.


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