Is German Socialism Failing?

Finally, we have a wealth distribution report from what is considered one of the most successful socialistic countries in the world: Germany. A recent report states that 20% of all Germans live in poverty and that number is close to 30% in Eastern Germany. Germany is one of the Europe’s biggest economic powers, but like many democratic European states, it is a socialistic state. The data for this report was tabulated before the recent recession, so these numbers may be worse. Although many wealthy Germans spend 50% or even more of their income in taxes, the disparity between the rich and poor is growing in Germany. The number of Germans requiring welfare is also rising. Germany is a country that is trying to redistribute its wealth from rich to poor, but its policies are obviously failing its citizens. Strange, since the objective of socialism is to have a smaller monetary difference between the rich and poor, and it is suppose to reduce and even wipeout poverty. At least on paper, it looks and sounds great, but it does not work. Now, we have Obama and the Democrats passing the same social policies that are failing Germany. The Obama administration is expanding our government and spending money on social programs that have not worked in Germany. The next socialistic move by the Obama administration is to create Universal Health Care. Once this is done, we will be a full fledged socialistic state heading into the same oblivion that is currently happening in Germany.


I have worked with many Germans in my corporate days. In fact, at one time my immediate supervisor was located in Germany. Day in and day out I have heard these Germans criticize U.S. policies and emphatically defend German social policies. I do have to admit, the average German engineer, is superior to the average American engineer in my experience. Thus, education seems to be better in Germany for those that have it. However, education is obviously failing many Germans and their social policies are also failing Germans as more and more Germans live in poverty. I do not understand how Germans and liberal Americans can be so brainwashed to think socialism actually works. It only promotes mediocrity and does very little to provide incentive for individuals and businesses to grow and excel.


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