The Obama Week in Review

Iran Tests a Missile – I hope this finally convinces Obama what the Iranian objectives are over its nuclear program. I have always felt that Obama has believed the Iranian nuclear program was for energy reasons and not for weaponry. However, the Iranian motives are obvious to anyone with a small amount of commonsense. After all, I doubt it is a coincidence that Iran is both testing long range missiles while enriching uranium. Joe Biden was right when he said the world would test the meddle of an untested Obama early in his Presidency. While Obama pursues his Jimmy Carter foreign policy of trying to work out our difference with rogue nations, Israel will take action and eliminate the Iranian threat. Once this happens, it will be interesting to see if Obama backs Iran or Israel.


Gitmo – The Obama administration now has a serious problem over Gitmo since his Democratic cohorts are no longer in the President’s corner over this issue. Democrats have closed their state borders and prisons to any Gitmo detainees through state legislation. Congressional Democrats have now said they will not fund the closing of Gitmo until the President has an acceptable plan in place. Other Democrats such as Virginia Senator Jim Webb are lobbying to keep Gitmo open. These Democrats are not stupid; they do not want to be on the opposite side of our intelligence agencies when it comes to fighting terrorism. After all, they would be committing political suicide to place a personal agenda ahead of our national security. Obama still has 8 months to meet his lofty goal of closing Gitmo before he officially has a black eye over this situation. No other country, even those that called for Gitmo’s closure are stepping up with any assistance. Thus, it will be an uphill battle for Obama without any local or foreign political support. I think it would be good for the President and his naïve supporters to get a dose of humility. Promises sound great in a campaign, but it is another thing to achieve these promises in the real world.


Obama and the Justice department are planning on trying one Gitmo prisoner, Ahmed Ghailani, in New York City. This is the first major step by the Obama administration to stop the military tribunals and close Gitmo, despite pressure from his own party. Ghailani was one of the men accused of 1998 attacks on the U.S. Embassies in Africa that killed over 200 people. Obama and Eric Holder (Justice Department Head) claim that criminal trials “upholding the rule of law” will keep Americans safe. This remains to be seen, however we do not have to treat enemy combatants under same umbrella of laws as American citizens. They are not covered under the Geneva Convention rules of protecting enemy prisoners because they were not uniformed soldiers. Thus, Obama is taking a big risk by trying Ghailani in the U.S under U.S. laws since he has very little to gain.  

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