Should Everyone have the Right to Vote?

Everyone has the right to vote with the exception of people that had committed a felony and a few other exceptions. The right to vote is a Constitutional right so nothing can be done about this unless the Constitution is amended and it will not happen. However, why should people who do not understand the basic issues have the right to vote? Time Magazine asked potential voters 5 questions before the 2008 Presidential Election:

Who is the Vice President?
Who is the Speaker of the House?
Who is the Secretary of the Treasury? (This was the hardest question, but remember this was asked during the financial crisis)
Which State is Obama a Senator from?
Who is the Chief Justice?

Only 65% got 3 of 5 correct. Only 1 in 8 got all five correct. One in 12 got all five wrong. If you cannot score a 60% on 5 simple questions, then why should you have the right to vote? If you do not understand the basic players in our government, how can you understand the issues and have sound judgment to make a choice to represent us in government.

With the drop out rates at high schools increasing we should be providing incentives to kids to stay in school. If you do not graduate, you do not vote. I understand that some have to leave school to work, so exceptions can be made. However, most drop out for no reason at all. Is it fair to have ignorant and incompetent people deciding who gets elected into office? I do not think so. Obviously, this is a radical view, but why should we be catering to mediocrity and even incompetence. It is certainly food for thought.

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